Universal Studios

This weekend my brother and sister came to visit from Boston so we are trying to hit a few fun places. Yesterday we we to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. It was an absolute blast.

We ended up going on every roller coaster and ride, except for two, Spiderman and Minions of Mayhem. Two goodies. This is one of the roller coasters that you can go on, if you dare!

We Dared! Although we have difference of opinion of which ride was the best. It definitely left us all a bit light headed and nauseous by the end of the day.

Here are just a few other pictures from the adventure,

And this last one…is fantastic. While you are walking around the park in the 95 degree summer weather, they have a cooling station with Coke drinks and this…

you stand on the inside of this cola bottle and it sprays a cool mist, filling the bottle. Perfect for a hot summer day. The best part is a lady’s voice that speaks to you while you are inside of it. When the cola bottle is done misting you, she says “Coolation Complete.” A little boy that had jumped in this just before us didn’t like the talking lady at all! The whole time he was standing in there he was yelling at her. After coolation was completed he ran out of it screaming, “Shut up stupid robot lady!” We lost it.

Universal, I think, has a bit more for adults to enjoy. They have the two parks that are right next to each other and City Walk right in the middle. City Walk had a bunch of restaurants and bars that you can enjoy. Anything that you can think of…they have.

Universal is also the home of Harry Potter World! Which is actually one of the coolest things ever. Seriously. It looks just like the movies. You can buy Butterbeer in Hogsmeade. You can walk into Olivander’s wand shop and have a wand pick you just like the books. You can dress up like a wizard and walk through the halls of Hogwarts. There are simulation rides that take you through the dungeons under Hogwarts where you dodge the snakes, and flying over the castle evading the dragons, or through the forbidden forest where you just narrowly escape spiders and dementors.






If you can’t tell…Harry Potter World is my favorite. I think I read the last book in just a few hours.

There are some other really fun, and crazy things to do in the park as well, besides Harry Potter. I am a big fan. It has a very different feel to it than Disney and has something for everyone.

The other thing that I am SOOO impressed with is the parking situation and all the lines. They do an amazing job at keeping all of the lines as short as possible and traffic to a minimum. It really is impressive. I am used to up north where you can wait 2 hours to get on a ride. At Universal, I haven’t waited more that 40 minutes for a ride and they actually entertain you while you are waiting. The lines move quickly and you always have something interesting to look at. Well done Universal!

This is something that should be on everyones Bucket List. Even if it is just for a quick visit!

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