The Bucket List

Every year I try to come up with a Bucket List. A list of everything that I want to try out that year, that winter, that summer or whatever. The reason that I actually take the time to do this is because everyone tends to get caught up in the everyday life  of going to work, playing with their dogs and just relaxing on the weekend. It’s always about what needs to be done next. By making a Bucket List, you give yourself some goals of things that you want to do JUST FOR YOU. It’s a way that you can make sure that there is time taken away from the busy, work focused life to relax and do something without thinking about everything else going on.

The things on your bucket list, don’t need to be extravagant vacations or trips that are going to be expensive. The Bucket List should be a resturant that you have been dying to try, a canoe trip you’ve been wanting to go on, a sporting event you’ve had your eye on or anything else that is simply and purely fun! But put a deadline on it! Or else you are going to just keep pushing it off more and more.

This page is just an on going list of the bigger vacations and accomplishments that I have crossed off my bucket list. But don’t worry, there are many more to come! For the everyday trips, excursions and everything else, check out Sizzle Spots. That is where I tag the things that keep the mondane work week spicey!

If there are any great vacation places that you have been to let me know! As I said, nothing is out of the question!

July 2012: Mount Washington, New Hampshire

August 2012: Universal Studios, Florida

February 2013: New Orleans, Mardi Gras


Oscoda Michigan Travels: July 2013



Mount Washington (August, 2014)


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