Boston Aquarium

The Boston Aquarium is somewhere I have been going to all my life. I absolutely love this place. After being so many times, it really never gets old. When you first walk in, you are greeted by a large display of penguins. You stand about ten feet away from the little guys and get to watch them be fed and just be penguins. They are adorable!

Just outside are the seals. They are massive! One of them actually just had a baby.

You then wind your way around a massive tank up several floors. The fish inside of these tanks are huge! They have turtles, sharks and every fish you can think of!







At the top, the tank is open and you are able to look down into it. The turtles and some fish surface there, just to give you a better look 🙂 There is also a man available for you to ask questions to and just to give you some general information about the fish.

It is really the greatest aquarium I have been to and love revisiting it.


They do have whale watches and other trips going out of the aquarium as well. You may even recognize this from the movie that just came out Ted. If you don’t, keep an eye for it if you ever see it! They come here on a date!


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