Boston Local Spots

Besides the large touristy spots in Boston that you can go to, there are obviously some great local spots that they don’t seem to mention on your tours. Being from Boston, I have tons of great places that you usually will catch me on a weekend. Although I’m not up in Boston everyday, these are still the places that I go to when I’m visiting for the weekend. So, if you find yourself in the area, or live up in Boston, definitely give some of these unknowns a try as well!

After all, the locals are the people that really know where the good food is!

  • Cafe de Boston: A buffet style salad bar that caters to just about every food limitation out there. Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian.


Cape Cod:

Outside of Boston:

  • Bob’s Restaurant: A local breakfast place that I have been going to for years
  • Ginjo: A sushi and hibachi grill that is delicious and a casual atmosphere.
  • Minado: A Japanese Buffet Style Restaurant with tons of sushi.

Fall River:


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