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The Good Ole Days

Believe it or not, I have been snapping pictures and writing posts in my head…but not getting to the point where it ends up here. When I look through my photos for a few to add up, there are just too many options now….

For example: Brent has been stopping at every Sears, Home Depot and Lowes that he can find just to take a look at the lawn mowers they have. He is DYING for a man mower. I always joke with him and tell him that we are going to get him an old school push mower with the rotating wheel, like my grandfather used to cut his lawn with. He gets frustrated, I laugh and we usually walk away from the mowers.

Well, this weekend we headed over to the house to do some work and cut the lawn. Brent went into the shed and pulled out the gas powered mower that hasn’t been started up for over two years. In fear of a catastrophe, he discovered another option. The old school mower…And that is what her used.



How fantastic is that. Those little guys actually work really well.

The Workout

Last night Maggie and I headed to our old high school to do a sprint workout. I am in the middle of training for my second half marathon and really feel like I need some work on the speed aspect of it. Unfortunately, that also means that some hill sprints will be making it into the mix.

As we were jogging around for our warm up, we were chatting about all of the games that we had played on this field and how in shape we once were. Even the smell of the turf field brought back some serious memories.

We warmed up with a mile run and then set ourselves up for some sprints on the turf. The workout ended up being:

Turf Sprints.jpg

It was really the first time that I had SPRINTED since I played field hockey in college….which has been a little while. My body was definitely not used to going all out but it felt great to floor it.

You forget how long 100 yards is though…The cone we set at 25 yards…


After the sprints we cooled down in another two laps and went home for some dinner.

This Morning

This morning has been crazy already. I ate some peanut butter and honey on toast, started reviewing some contracts for work and need to get out the door to drive to Cape Cod for a meeting.


After the meeting, I am driving back any getting on the road for a 15 hour drive to Michigan! A much needed little vacation to hang out with Brent’s parents.

Off to get the day going!

Do you have any places that bring you back to the good ole days?? What brings you back?? A smell?? The feel??