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Walking Treadmill Workout and Killer Arm Circuit

This morning I really wanted to give my legs a little break and just stretch them out a bit from yesterdays squats. I had never done a walking workout and you always see people walking as fast as they can on the treadmill grabbing at the bar in front of them. I admit, I laughed a bit at them because it just looks a little funny and it never made sense to me. I am here and now apologizing to ever single person that I giggled to myself at. This was HARD! SO much for a stretch your legs out workout!


No lie, I was grasping for any sort of bar throughout this whole workout. I checked my heart rate a few times throughout and it was around 180-185 every time. The recovery in the middle allows your heart rate to settle back down and recover, just in time to do it all over again!

After catching my breath, I finished up with my favorite arm circuit. This is another one that I have been doing since I step foot in a gym. It targets every muscle in your arm and really makes it burn!


I used 5 lbs for the Raises and tens or fifteens for the last three. Do whatever is comfortable for you.


Sure to be sore tomorrow…from walking!