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Yesterday AM, I woke up and made myself a ham and cheese omelet and headed out the door for a busy day. I had a meeting in Quincy that I had to get over to and a few more stops to make on the way.



For the lunch meeting, I brought a spread from Chili’s and ordered myself a salad that was recommended by the waitress. As she was describing it I thought it had potential…but I don’t think I realized that there was an entire quesadilla on the top of it.


I didn’t have any of the dressing because I really didn’t think that it needed it. But definitely a tasty little salad.

I originally had plans to head over to a Hip Hop Yoga studio in Boston to work out with a friend, but I messed up on the time and we ended up having to reschedule. Instead, Brent wanted to head out for dinner. So, we actually ended up going to the same place that we went on Valentine’s Day, Ginjo.


I didn’t end up writing anything on the date, but it was really fun. Instead of hitting up the Hibachi grill and ordering a scorpion bowl, we settled fro some sushi. Well…not really settled.

Brent ordered up some calamari to start and I started with some Miso Soup. I love that stuff. The calamari I have to say, was one of the best I have ever had. It was lightly breaded but still had a great flavor.

DSC00040 DSC00043


Yummy. For sushi, I was trying to stay somewhat healthy and ordered the Caterpillar Roll, which was eel and cream cheese wrapped in avocado. The little guy REALLY looked like a caterpillar!!



I’m not really sure which two Brent opted for, but the plate looked pretty impressive. It was also delicious!



They were also phenomenal. I love when the plates look like mini pieces of art that you get to EAT.

Just after we too our first bite of our meals, the waitress came over and placed a plate of two Sashimi in front of us. She said it was a special from the chef and it was called the “DRAGON BOMB.” Slightly scary name but I have to say, it was one of the best sushi bites I’ve had.



Lightly sears tuna with a spicy sauce on top. The chef ended up coming over to us after we finished our meal and I asked him what the name of the roll was again because I couldn’t quite remember and he just threw his hands up and said it had no name. It was a special roll. 🙂

Well, they should put this roll on the menu because it was a winner.

DSC00034 DSC00036

Happy Elves filled with sushi.

The hibachi grill was also a great time for Valentine’s Day.

Yoga is going to have to wait until next week, but I also have a few places booked for Saturday to look at WEDDING DRESSES! Should be interesting!

Have you ever gotten to try something off menu??



An Early Thanksgiving and Minado

This weekend I headed to Boston to hang out with the fam and enjoy an early Thanksgiving. Brent and I are heading to his parents house tomorrow to celebrate so we squeezed in a little visit with my family over the weekend.

We had attempted to book a flight that left at 9AM on Saturday, but as we were confirming the flight, it completely booked up…Just our luck. So we ended up on a flight that left at 6AM. FUNN. We were on our way to the airport by 330 and arrived pretty much on time because the place that we had purchased parking tickets for near the airport didn’t open until 5AM. Who ever would have thought that would be a problem??

There was another parking lot close to the airport that we both drive by a ton, called the Park N Bark. Cute. So we headed there, parked the car, jumped on a shuttle and got to the airport with enough time to grab a coffee. 🙂


Happy Elf.

I had a yogurt parfait for breakfast and snacked on those blue chips that Jet Blue gives you in flight. I LOVE those things. I think they are just fascinating. Seriously. BLUE…chips. I’m a big lover of anything different.


My sister, Maggie picked us up at the airport and had two LARGE Starbucks coffees waiting for us in the car. Devoured. Then, we got to my parents house…and they too had coffee waiting us. I held back on the third one because I was a bit wired by that point.

We just hung around and went shopping for the day and headed back for a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. Sunday, we took it slow and had a small breakfast because we were all planning on heading to Minado for lunch.

If you love sushi, this is your jam. It is a sushi buffet. All you can eat sushi. They have other traditional japanese foods as well, such as stir fry, beef and broccoli and everything else. But, I go there for the sushi.


You have no idea. We all filled our plates to the max and devoured it. This was plate #1 for me:


We all went nuts. You can try just about any type of roll and more. You name it, they make it. My second go around was a tid bit less than the first plate. I was full. My sisters and Brent headed to the desert table after the second plate and came back with some of the signatures of Minado. One staple, and must try is the Green Tea Ice Cream. It’s delicious. I couldn’t keep my chopstick away from it 🙂


The whole meal was amazing. This has always been my favorite place to go to when I really just want a ton of Sushi. If you are in the Boston area, I highly recommend it. It is actually located just outside Boston in Natick, but it is really easy to get to.


Full elves:



Monday, we went into Boston and shopped around some more. We ate at Cafe de Boston in the Financial District, where we met up with my brother. Cafe Boston is a salad bar that has just about everything you could possibly think of. I went nuts and grabbed more than my stomach could handle. It just all looked so good and I wanted to try everything!


Brent and I returned yesterday morning. When we got in, we were running around trying to find the shuttle for the Park N Bark. We were literally standing on the opposite side of the platform when one of them pulled up. I went sprinting down the street to catch the shuttle before it pulled away. I jumped on board, loaded my luggage and sat down. As Brent was settling in, the driver asked for our parking ticket. I pulled it out and we ACTUALLY parked at The Parking Spot.

They look so similar!! They are both yellow polka dotted signs! Well, we ran off and I sprinted back to where we were originally standing and caught the Parking Spot bus to get back to our car. I guess it was too early for us to notice that we pulled into a completely different parking lot than the one we were looking for. At least THEY were smart enough to write down all the information on a card. Otherwise we probably would have been wandering around for hours trying to figure out where we parked the car…


REMINDER! Today is the last day to submit your Sizzle Wars Recipe! Get them in!! Email your favorite childhood recipe to SizzleEats@gmail.com

Have you ever LOST your car?? Or forgot where you parked it?? How did you find it again??


My brother told me a doozy of a lost car this weekend, but I’ll share one of Brent’s instead 🙂 Brent was picking me up from the airport when I first moved down here. So I had 2 large pieces of luggage weighing 180 pounds combined (yes), Hunter (my cat), and my carry on. Brent and I were not dating at this point, just friends from college that hadn’t seen each other in a long long time. But you could tell he was a bit nervous and wasn’t really sure how to act. He grabbed my two LARGE pieces of luggage and started carrying them out the door. I tried to help but he wasn’t having any of it. When we got to the parking garage, he couldn’t remember where his car was parked. We walked up and down several flights of stairs, over to other parking garages, back outside and literally everywhere in this place. Brent was now sweating. A lot. Dripping. He eventually left me with the bags and started jogging around the parking structures until he finally swung around to me with the car. It took a solid 45 minutes wandering around the garage. I thought it was hilarious. Brent…not so much 🙂