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Frank N Stein’s

Not Frankensteins. But Frank N Steins. They are a local pub in downtown Orlando that specializes in Franks (Hot Dogs) and Steins (Beers). Cute right??! Brent and I stopped by last night for a little snack and a beer.

They have really different styled hotdogs to choose from. Even Veggie dogs! I’ve had their greek dog that included a veggie dog, feta cheese and hummus. Strange combo but really good. My go to at this bar is the Well’s Banana Bread Beer. It seriously tastes just like banana bread.


I wasn’t starving, and Brent isn’t picky, so we opted for some Cheesy Nachos. These are really fantastic Nachos and seriously loaded.

One of the draws of Frank N Steins, I think is the fact that they offer flights of beer. I love when there are flights of wine that are offered at restaurants because it gives you an opportunity to try a few different wines that may complement your meal. Flights of beer are a lot harder to find.

I don’t even want to guess how many types of beer they have available here, but it’s a ton. Their beer menu is MUCH larger than their food menu.

Slightly absurd. There’s no way you could give these all a try. Brent tried a blueberry beer that I can’t remember the name of, but it was also fantastic.

If you are ever in the area, I would recommend stopping by this little pub. They also have games like Jenga and connect four to have fun with at your table 🙂 It’s like an adult play room or something. Beer, board games and giant TVs. Oh and did I forget a large shuffle board??! Who could ask for more?!


What makes a pub one of your favorite places to go?? Is it the wide selection of beers?? The big screen TVs?? The munchies?? Or Board Games??


I love places that allow you to try a bunch of different things. Most of the time when I am staring at such a large menu I can’t seem to decide. So trying everything is a GREAT solution!