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Things that I’m Loving

I know I have seen this on blogs before, but I’m really kind of loving the idea of it. So, I decided to give it a go on Sizzle Eats, Like every other person, I have fads that really get me excited in the morning and this is just a great way to share them.


1. Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. Last time I was traveling, I picked up a Lee Child book, A Wanted Man and couldn’t put it down. I am a big fan of criminal investigation books and it’s fairly typical of them to have a few pages in there that you just have to get through. A Wanted Man started from the beginning and it was excitement all the way through. It took me hours to finish reading it before I wanted to go out and pick up another one.



2. I don’t know if this is because I was in Orlando for two years or if it is just a particularly colorful fall but I can’t help noticing how incredible the fall colors are this year. Just absolutely breathe taking, especially at sunrise and sunset.



3. Nightshade. Usually when I’m picking nail colors, it’s bright, obnoxious pink, a light completely professional pink, or black. But, last week I went on a search in CVS for a dark navy blue, which was really difficult to find. Most of them had a crazy amount of sparkles in them.



4. Flavored sparkling water is such a nice substitute when you want something other than regular water. It also fills me up a bit when I’m just trying to make it to the next meal.


5. ZOMBIES! RUN! Haha. I heard about this App a during the Zooma Half Marathon and just had to give it a try. It is an App that you play while you run and it puts you in the middle of a video game. You are  a person that crash landed in a land with zombies everywhere. You mission is to run and pick up supplies on your way back to camp without getting caught by the zombies. Every once in a while, the zombies will get close to you and you have to speed up your running for a little while to get away from them.

Through the app you can also play your music so the story line comes in and out of your music. It keeps me really entertained while I’m running. If you get bored easily while running, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

What are you loving this week??

A Moose, A Train and a Polar Bear

This morning I got up and went for my all time favorite breakfast. An over easy egg on an english muffin. When ever I have this breakfast, I try to think of a new way to mix it up and turn it into something completely surprising…hopefully in a good way. Today, was feta cheese and Pesto. Really something different, but a great combination.

When I got home, I had some leftover Lasagna Roll from last night, still delightful 🙂 I watched a bit of America’s Next Top Model and headed out for a run. As I was tying up the shoes, I looked outside and realized…it was dark. ALREADY. Shorter days are definitely on their way.

I still went out for the run, because I really need to stay on track with this training. About a mile into the run, I was thinking about a woman I had met on a flight to Boston a few months back. She was originally from the east coast, but moved a few years ago to ALASKA.

My obvious first questions was, “Do you REALLY have 6 months of darkness?!” Yup. They do. That just led into a long conversation about why she loves Alaska and could never see herself moving back. One of the things that really SHOCKED me was the fact that she still went for long runs during those 6 months of darkness. She told me that she would take her dog out on the run, in the middle of the woods because the dog would warn her if there was a moose charging at her and would actually step in front of her. SAY WHAT?!

The last time I saw a moose was this summer while hiking Mt Washington. It was a young moose and was only about the size of a large horse…but they get MMMUUUUUUUCCH larger.


Could you imagine getting charged by THAT? while you are out for a jog. NOT ME. That my friend is a hard limit.

As I’m pondering a moose charging me whilst running, the train tracks up ahead start signaling that a train is going to pass by. Naturally, I speed up, duck under the rails lined with flashing red lights, jump the tracks and scoot under the rail on the other side with a honking train close on my tail. Apparently, trains are NOT a hard limit for me.

After I got off the main road, I was happy enough to have some fairly well lit streets to run along until the last half a mile or so. Then, it went dark. It reminded me quite a bit of running  in Massachusetts where there were a lot of wooded areas with very little lighting. The only thing that you really needed to be careful of was the occasional car that would whip around the tight corners. I always heard horror stories of friends getting hit while running.

I was just about a block away, staring at the ground picturing my runs that I used to do back in Mass when all of the sudden, BAM! POLAR BEAR!


Well, not really, a white rug thrown on the side of the road that looked like a polar bear. It legit scared me! But seriously?! A polar bear in central florida? What is this?? LOST??

Luckily, I got home and had a fantastic run. It was the first run so far that I really felt like I was in shape and could have just run and run and run.

What would stop you from going out on a run? Weather? Sore Muscles? A Moose Attack? A Polar Bear?