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Welcome to the Long Weekend!

I have been DYING for a long weekend just to NOT think about work. Since I started my new job I haven’t had a day off and I really just wanted a few days to put the work and the emails aside to do whatever I felt like.

For Memorial Day weekend, I headed down to Cape Cod to stay at my parents house. I actually drove down on Thursday night and went to a few meetings on Friday to avoid traffic. Yesterday, I woke up around 7 and headed outside to let Oreo and Bacon do their thing when I spotted THIS guy hanging around the street.


HOW COOL IS HE?! I have seen a few turtles before, but this was by far the largest that I have seen just out for a stroll. Bacon ran over to it clearly thinking it was a rock. But upon further investigation, ie sniffing, he discovered it was alive. He jumped backwards three feet and just glared at it in curiosity. Oreo…still thought it was a rock. Besides the large turtle roaming around, they had a fantastic time chasing the rabbits that were trying get in a morning breakfast of clovers.


For breakfast, I whipped up an egg sandwich deal on a pumpernickel bagel. I’m trying to cut back a bit on the amount of bread that I’m eating because I recently realized that all I eat is really carbs and carbs. So, I toasted up half a bagel, cooked 2 eggs over hard, seasoned them with some cajun seasoning and melted a half a slice of cheese on both. With the pan still hot, I chopped up two small tomatoes and warmed them up with bits of turkey. Threw the tomatoes and turkey on top and BAM! Yummy!



After eating and relaxing a bit more. We headed out to check out some of the consignment shops that are in the area. I had heard that they were actually quite good and you can find some pretty unique things at very low prices. I was actually really surprised how many there were once you started looking…and the size on them! You could really find anything you wanted at these shops and pay much less than going to retail stores. I was particularly interested in some of the furniture.



After poking around for a little while, we came across this candy shop, Candy Co in Yarmouth, that I had heard has just about every type of candy you can think of…even some that you can’t seem to find anymore. That sold me. And…they really did have just about everything you could like of. This was only HALF the wall:



Penny Candy, PEEPS! Irish chocolate and sweets. My family and I had gone to Ireland a long time ago and I remember LOVING these candy:



They had a whole wall of Jelly Bellies that you could just pick out the flavors that you wanted. Such a great idea. We had so much fun just walking about and taking notice of some of the oldies but goodies that you just don’t see anymore. My favorite throw back were the Fruit Strip Gum.



The gum was good…it lost it’s flavor fairly quickly but the best part were the tattoos that you could put on your tongue! Who remembers that?!

Anyone up for a cricket in their lollipop?!



NO thanks.

I ended up walking out with some chocolate covered espresso beans and enjoyed a few on the ride home. They are one of my favorite treats.

After a day of walking around town, Brent and I headed to DJs Pub, which I had heard had FANTASTIC wings that you just had to try. Who can resist. We got there at the start of the second period of the Bruins game last night…and that was a poor choice. We waited for a while in the doorway with a few other people. And after around 20 minutes of waiting, a table for 6 cleared. With several groups of twos waiting, we decided to sit down with another couple.

Immediately, the PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY WINGS jumped off the menu at me. Now, that WAS my favorite sandwich when I was little, but I don’t know about putting that combo on a wing. So…we had to try it.




Yes. That is peanut butter and jelly smothering those wings. And I have to say…it was different but really good! The peanut butter had a little spice to it, which really made the flavor. We tried the buffalo as well, but they weren’t as notable as the PB and J. Next time, perhaps a garlic?!


What was your favorite candy growing up?? 





Yesterday AM, I woke up and made myself a ham and cheese omelet and headed out the door for a busy day. I had a meeting in Quincy that I had to get over to and a few more stops to make on the way.



For the lunch meeting, I brought a spread from Chili’s and ordered myself a salad that was recommended by the waitress. As she was describing it I thought it had potential…but I don’t think I realized that there was an entire quesadilla on the top of it.


I didn’t have any of the dressing because I really didn’t think that it needed it. But definitely a tasty little salad.

I originally had plans to head over to a Hip Hop Yoga studio in Boston to work out with a friend, but I messed up on the time and we ended up having to reschedule. Instead, Brent wanted to head out for dinner. So, we actually ended up going to the same place that we went on Valentine’s Day, Ginjo.


I didn’t end up writing anything on the date, but it was really fun. Instead of hitting up the Hibachi grill and ordering a scorpion bowl, we settled fro some sushi. Well…not really settled.

Brent ordered up some calamari to start and I started with some Miso Soup. I love that stuff. The calamari I have to say, was one of the best I have ever had. It was lightly breaded but still had a great flavor.

DSC00040 DSC00043


Yummy. For sushi, I was trying to stay somewhat healthy and ordered the Caterpillar Roll, which was eel and cream cheese wrapped in avocado. The little guy REALLY looked like a caterpillar!!



I’m not really sure which two Brent opted for, but the plate looked pretty impressive. It was also delicious!



They were also phenomenal. I love when the plates look like mini pieces of art that you get to EAT.

Just after we too our first bite of our meals, the waitress came over and placed a plate of two Sashimi in front of us. She said it was a special from the chef and it was called the “DRAGON BOMB.” Slightly scary name but I have to say, it was one of the best sushi bites I’ve had.



Lightly sears tuna with a spicy sauce on top. The chef ended up coming over to us after we finished our meal and I asked him what the name of the roll was again because I couldn’t quite remember and he just threw his hands up and said it had no name. It was a special roll. 🙂

Well, they should put this roll on the menu because it was a winner.

DSC00034 DSC00036

Happy Elves filled with sushi.

The hibachi grill was also a great time for Valentine’s Day.

Yoga is going to have to wait until next week, but I also have a few places booked for Saturday to look at WEDDING DRESSES! Should be interesting!

Have you ever gotten to try something off menu??



Two Left Feet

I don’t know if this is just me, but whenever I go shoe shopping and find those perfect pair that I’m really excited about. I bring those darlings to the check out counter and the clerk usually take them out of the box, checks the sizes, checks the feet and puts them back in the box to ring them up. At that moment when they are fishing through the box of shoes, I usually get slightly annoyed thinking, “What you think I stashed something in there??” or “You really think I tried them on and have two left feet??” or “I’m trying to mess with your inventory and get two different sizes out the door here?? WELL. I will no longer get annoyed at that moment.

I went shopping on one of my trips to New Orleans, and picked up a great pair of shoes on sale. I went to slip those babies on yesterday when I realized, I travelled 1200 miles with two left feet.



What…am I going to do with these…

Soooo…if anyone has two of the opposite foot in a size 8, in this shoe…I’ll trade you!!

So unfortunate.

Yesterday also started my, let’s get serious about this easting healthy for your wedding deal. I started my day off with some Raisin Spice oatmeal topped off with sliced banana.



After munching down breakfast, my day took me to the Fall River area, where FUN FACT: Emeril Lagasse is from. I stopped into a few client’s offices and swung back to my favorite bakery in the area, The New Boston Bakery.

It’s a cute little bakery that has everything from sandwiches, to soup and salad, to yummy bakery items. I picked up some treats for my next meeting and ordered one of the best salads I’ve ever had. This salad made me glad there wasn’t any bread around to ruin it.



It was so good that I didn’t even put the poppy seed dressing on it. The salad was filled with fresh mango slices, strawberries, onion, goat cheese, and pecans. I asked that it be topped with some tuna salad for some protein. Yummy.


After meeting up with a coworker, I headed home and took the rugrats out on a 2 mile run. I hadn’t run outside in a while, and with the weather begin so nice, it was time. Bacon is great for some longer runs, but I wasn’t sure about Oreo. I was wrong. She out ran me. The wind was blowing leaves down the street at us, and Oreo looked like she was playing a video game running side to side down the street pinning every leaf to the ground. HILARIOUS.

Dogs and I, were exhausted.




Have you ever done something that makes you regret getting annoyed??



Chicken on Waffles

This weekend I headed to NYC to visit some friends from college and to celebrate a friend’s birthday. My day on Friday started with one thing leading to another. It was literally one of those days that you really expected everything to go wrong. I headed out to a lunch meeting ready to get something right for the day and felt really good walking out. The meeting went really well, and when I got to my car….



Yup, left the tailgate open the entire 2 hours. At that point, I was really ready to get on the bus to NYC.

On Saturday, we woke up and met with some friends for brunch at Elmo. The weather was really comfortable warm so we sipped on mimosas and enjoyed the sunshine. The food was fantastic and I got my first sunburn of the season. Really wasn’t expecting that.

After brunch, we took a long walk down to Soho to do some shopping. In our travels, we stopped off at Georgetown Cupcakes. If you haven’t heard of them before, Georgetown Cupcakes is originally from Washington DC and was featured on a reality TV show. It is extremely famous in DC and has just recently made it’s was to Boston I heard!! But their cupcakes are unbelievable. The frosting and the cake itself have such unique flavors that it really is worth stopping by. You can even order them online and they will ship them to you. WORTH IT.



How good do those look?! Red Velvet, Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge. YUM.

After the long walk, we got ready for dinner at Lucky Cheng’s, which is a drag show as well as restaurant. It is such a good time, especially with a big group of girls.



We had so much fun watching the show. The next morning, we met at brunch at Southern Hospitality, which may have been my favorite brunch spot in NYC thus far. It was a cute little country place with a live band that sang without microphones, amps, anything. Just guitars and their voices.

The menu, was straight from the south. Check out the Chicken Wings and Waffles!



Really not something to eat often, but it’s better than you think!

We munched on some of the best fried pickles I have ever had while I waited for my Omelet, which I covered in their own BBQ sauce.





I would recommend anyone give this place a try. It’s really different and the food is fantastic.

Now that I’m back, I’m really going to behave. Healthy eats for the rest of the week!


What is your favorite place to go in NYC?



I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I was in New Orleans for two weeks for work and I am slowly coming up on my second trip to NOLA (New Orleans, LA). NOLA is what they refer to the city as if you are a local. I was actually staying just outside of the city in Convington. It’s a cute little town across the massive 27 mile long bridge.


For the majority of the time, we were just heading to work, then grabbing some dinner and going back to the hotel to either study some more, or just have some wine and try to relax just to do it all over again. I did my best to wake up in the morning and get a quick workout in and I have to say…I loved it. I was waking up at 5 to 530 in the AM and heading downstairs for a 45 minute workout. And I was meeting everyone at 730 to get to the office. It didn’t hurt that NOLA is an hour behind Boston, meaning I was really waking up at 630 in my time 🙂

We each had our own little apartment for the two weeks. It was so comfortable and some people were joking that it was bigger than their own apartments in NYC.



Who can argue?! The rooms were cleaned daily and we even had a grocery service. All you had to do was leave a list at the desk in the morning and groceries would be sitting in your refrigerator when you got back in the evening. AMAZING. For those two reasons, we didn’t really want to leave.

We had gym memberships at Franco’s, which is honestly the most amazing gym that I have ever been to. It is several floors of just about everything you could possibly think of. If I lived in the area, I would ABSOLUTELY be a member. Everything was so clean and modern. You could spend the whole day there. I also worked out with one of my new coworkers, and she showed me a few new exercises that will definitely be making it’s way up here.

We were also lucky enough to be there for the first weekend of Mardi Gras! A few of us headed in town on Sunday afternoon just to walk around, see some parades and just get a sense of New Orleans. We saw what was described as a LITTLE parade. I strongly disagree, because this was a MASSIVE parade in my experience. And they had the craziest costumes!





So each parade is actually called a Clan, and each clan has a court, queen, etc. This was the queen.









Tons, and tons of floats and people dressed up in these crazy costumes. There were also tons of schools with their dance groups, bands and anything else you can think of that’s fun to watch. Our favorite by far were these guys:



A whole bunch of Napoleon Dynamites! They were hilarious!


This other little kid was cracking us up too. He was so little and was really rocking out. The little kid had some serious moves. I tried so hard to get a picture but this was the best I got:



Even in that you can see how cute he was!!

We did get TONS of beads too. They just chuck them off the floats and you really need to watch because I swear they try to hit you in the face with them. And they whip they at you HARD!





It was so much fun. They were starting to set up for the Superbowl too, so the streets even on a Sunday were madness.

We obviously walked down Bourbon Street as well. It’s definitely not was I was picturing. For a Sunday afternoon, it was NUTS. I couldn’t imagine being there on a weekend night, of even Mardi Gras itself.





For food, we stopped at Cafe Beignet. I was told by so many people that we needed to try an Beignet, so that’s what we did! The cafe is at the music legends park on Bourbon Street.



We all had beignets, and they were delicious!! They are light and fully pastries covered in sugar. I can’t say they were anything good for you, but you just have to try them.



YUMMY. Really sugary though.





The signature drink on Bourbon Street is called a grenade. I can’t say that I tried it but they are apparently really good, and kind of fun looking.



We ended up going to a ton of different restaurants and in the interest of not boring you guys and just getting to the point, I’ll give you a quick 1 sentence review of the favorites.

  • Chimes: It is a seafood restaurant that is delicious. The seafood lasagna was the biggest hit but you can grab some other local specialties while enjoying live music. They also have goats in back that you can feed. I went 4 or 5 times to this place and loved it.
  • Don’s Seafood: Also a seafood restaurant that was delicious. It is casual and low key. Although I didn’t enjoy my meal because I wasn’t expecting fried foods, everyone else had good things to say. It is definitely a New Orleans original seafood place. I would compare the atmosphere to a nicer chilis.
  • Osaka: It is a Hibachi grill that was a lot of fun. The chef really knew how to entertain and has some tricks up his sleeve. The majority of us had hibachi, but the seaweed salad as an appetizer was also amazing. It was the first time I had tried anything like that. The hibachi was a bit salty, but if you ask them to tone down the salt, it’s amazing.
  • Copeland’s: Delicious Buffalo Chicken Dippers. We had them as an appetizer and they were amazing. Of all of the places, we were happiest with Copeland’s. We went several times and I we all loved the food. They had a mix of seafood and red meat foods. It still has a New Orlean’s take on it.
  • Trey Yuen: The best chinese food I have ever had. Hands down. They don’t over load the food with salt and they really have a unique flavor. I loved ever single bite of my meal there. It was delicious and I highly recommend it.

Those are the guys that I can think of right now, but I am heading back in just about a week for some more fun! This time we will be in the city the majority of the time so I will report back with what it is like when Mardi Gras isn’t in full swing!

Happy Friday!!!