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Running Intimidation

This morning I had the complete intention of going out for my long run of the week. After hitting the 9 mile mark last week…it was time to up the ante and go for some double digits. I had mentioned the fact that I was due for a 10 miler to Brent, his eyes jumped out of his head and he pretty much told me I was nuts. I hadn’t  out the run last night either, which I normally do just to mentally prepare myself.

When my alarm went off at 6, I most likely just reached over and shut the thing off…BUT I don’t really remember doing that…So, I actually ended up waking up at 7. Not really enough time to run 10 miles.

Anyways, all of my excuses combined, I completely psyched myself out and ended up going for a 6.5 mile run. And when you actually think about it…I really missed the mark by 3.5 miles (not a crazy distance) so I don’t know why I made such a big deal about it. My NO EXCUSES PLAN is to run another shorter run tomorrow, rest Thursday and GET READY FRIDAY 11 MILER!

As the half marathon date approaches, the more and  more nervous I’m getting. Reality is setting in and I’m realizing how far 13.1 miles actually is. FAR. That can be a fifteen minute drive across town. 7-8 Minutes on the highway. Or a 3 and a half hour walk. But, even though I’m getting a bit of nerves, I’m really excited. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

After the run, I whipped together a Blackberry Protein Smoothie. Lord knows I needed protein. The only thing I would have changed is the seeds. There were a bit too many for my taste.

After chugging my smoothie. I threw together a little TO-GO pack for lunch. Can you guess what I’m planning on making at work??

I know, not really too difficult to guess…But I’m going to leave you hanging anyways!

We are also half way through the Sizzle Wars entry period! Make sure you get your recipes submitted! Just shoot an email over to me at SizzleEats@gmail.com with your favorite childhood recipe to be entered to win an Assortment of To You Snacks! They are Delicious!

If you don’t have the time to make it and snap a picture, just send over the recipe and I will snap my own picture of YOUR recipe!

Happy Tuesday!

3 Ingredient Peach Cake Smoothie

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t seem to focus?? I got up this morning with the intention of going out on a quick run to start off the day. But, the chill in the air made me lay in bed for a while looking at pinterest. Pinterest is my favorite way to wind down the day and to start my  day. It allows me to just chill and scroll through things mindlessly, while feeling like I’m actually doing something…even though I’m most definitely not. 🙂

After a bit of scrolling, I jumped in the shower, made some coffee and watched a bit of Burn Notice. They had a great little marathon going this morning. When the coffee started to kick in, everything on my TO-DO list for the day started running through my head and that finally got me up and running. I answered some emails, finished getting ready and ran out the door like a mad woman, smoothie in hand. It’s amazing how coffee can get you from being lazy to running frantically so quickly. The smoothie ended up being amazing even though it was thrown together quickly and only has 3 ingredients! The best kind of breakfast!


1 Cup Frozen Peaches 1 Scoop Cake Batter Protein Powder
1 Cup Almond Milk

Put it all in a blender and call it breakfast! If I were thinking correctly I would have connected Cold Weather + Cold Smoothie = NO FUN. But! Problem solved  when you crank the heat in your car. Just don’t mention the fact that it was only 62 degrees and I’m complaining about it being cold…my father would disown me.

Now at work, with loads to do, and little focus. I’m trying to find a way to get back on the right track. Normally, coffee is the answer. Done that already today…now I’m up for Plan B.

Any suggestions?!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Pancakes

I have been pretty much drooling over the idea of some peanut butter pancakes and just haven’t had the morning to actually put it all together.

But First! Fun! I went to my first Blogger Meet Up on Wednesday Night with the Central Florida Lady Bloggers. It was really fun to meet some local ladies that have all found a niche in blogging. Each of them had something different that they were passionate about and it really shows through in their blogs.

Definitely check out their blogs. Some of them are newer, some seasoned vets. But you will find vegetarians, fitness instructors, photographers, beauty gurus and anything else you can think of! In the picture, Carolina, Stephanie, Marilyn, Kerry, Rachel, Nadege, Colleen, Margarita, Danielle, and Christine.

It was great to meet some of the local bloggers and just to get to know some different people.

NOW. For the main even of BREAKFAST. I LOVED this. Chocolate Peanut Butter Lava Protein Pancake! For REAL.


1/3 Cup Pancake Mix 1/4 Cup Chocolate Protein Powder
2 Egg Whites, I used 1 yolk as well 1 Tablespoon Water
1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter, Melted 1/4 Teaspoon Cocoa Powder
1. In an bowl, mix all of the ingredients until well mixed. Add a little more water if needed. The batter SHOULD be VERY thick. This is what will give it the lava effect.
2. Heat up the skillet to medium heat and spray with cooking spray. Now put the whole batter on the skillet to make 1 pancake. You may have to use a spoon to spread it out a bit. After 20 seconds, flip the pancake and cook the other side for an additional 15 seconds. Remove.
The inside will be chocolately and peanut buttery and gooey. I topped mine with a half of a banana and spritzed a little agave nectar on top. It was delicious and really filling.
One reason I really like this recipe is because it only takes a few minutes to pull together. Sub 5 minutes. You don’t need any fancy toppings or to get too complicated. The pancake really takes care of the flavor for you. It is also PACKED with protein and will keep you full until you are ready for your next meal.
If you want to give another Lava Pancake a try, check out the Chocolate Cake Protein Pancake.
Give it a go and let me know what you think!
What’s your favorite flavor of pancakes?? Peanut Butter? Chocolate?? Blueberry? Banana?? 
I am a fruit gal. I a really really big fan of the blueberry pancakes. They are usually really light and full of that fruity flavor.

Chocolate and Protein French Toast with Fresh Blueberry Topping

OH YEA. BEST WAY TO START A FRIDAY. Chocolate French Toast. For Real.



3 Slices of White Toast 3 Eggs
1 Tablespoon Buttermilk, or Skim Milk 1/8 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Full Tablespoon of Chocolate Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder


1. In a flat bowl, mix the eggs, buttermilk, cinnamon, protein powder and cocoa powder. Soak a slice of toast in the mix, on both sides.


2. Heat up a skillet to medium heat and spray it with cooking spray. Cook each side of the toast for about 1-2 minutes.

And donezo!


It was really good. I think I could have upped the cocoa powder a bit but with the blueberry topping, perfecto. I just heated up some frozen blueberries and sprinkled some confectioners sugar on top. There really isn’t any sugar in this dish at all, besides the natural sugar in the blueberries. It’s a great, high protein french toast.

I feel like French toast gets a bad rap because the majority of the time people smother it in syrup. But in reality, if you can do without the sugary syrup, it is equivalent to having eggs and toast with some blueberries. Who can argue with a breakfast like that?!

I tried to be SUPER COOL and make these into CHOCOLATE DRACULA FRENCH TOAST…but it looked more like an angel….


EPIC FAIL. Can you at least squint your eyes and shake your head side to side really quickly and maybe see the outline of a Dracula??

I tried…

Anyways….I’m really excited about what I have planned to bake up tonight. I’m going to take tonight to relax a bit…and make a DELICIOUS PUMPKINY dessert. I’m not telling what it is yet though…for fear that it might turn out like dracula…the complete opposite of what I’m going for…an angel.



What’s your favorite way to make French Toast?? Does it include and unexpected ingredients?? 


The by far unexpected ingredient of this one is the protein powder…and the cocoa powder. I am convinced that you can add a little protein to just about anything.

Chocolate Cake Protein Pancake

Wednesday was National Pancake Day, and in anticipation, I ordered some protein powder, just to pack a little extra something something in there. Well, the protein powder came yesterday. A few days too late. The reason I was so excited was I had ordered a new flavor for me, Cake Batter. As soon as I discovered that this magical flavor existed, I knew it had to be mine.

I was just thinking about all of the different things that I could make with it. The first, chocolate cake pancakes. OH YEAAAAA. I made just one pancake and packed it with flavor. No syrup needed.

I also wanted to go as easy as possible. So I used some Bisquick, dry pancake mix as the base. The easier, the better.




1/4 Cup Pancake Mix 1/4 Cup Cake Batter Protein Powder
1/2 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder 1 Tablespoon Water
2 Egg Whites  



1. Mix all of the ingredients in a small bowl. The texture is a bit thicker than a typical pancake mix.


2. Warm up a skillet to medium heat. Spray with cooking spray and pour the whole batter onto the skillet.


3. Flip it over after about 15 seconds. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT BUBBLES! It won’t bubble and 15 seconds will cook it well. Cook the opposing side for another 15-20 seconds and finito!



Some parts of it weren’t cooked completely through, which left a bit of a lava effect…best part of the whole thing. You really didn’t need syrup. To top it off, I added some fresh raspberries. Any fruit would really pair well with this.



I actually couldn’t even finish it, it was so filling. But delicious.

For the rest of the day, I really didn’t have anything exciting planned. I went off to work, finished up a bunch for the end of the month and headed home. I did officially sign up for the Half Marathon today. Even though I have been training for it for the past few weeks, I still waited until the absolute last minute to sign up for this thing.

I really just wanted to make sure that I really could do this, but I was also a bit terrified. I sat there staring at the computer screen for a few minutes, called Brent to make sure he really wanted to do it, stared at the computer screen a bit more and finally pushed the button. I wasn’t really thinking about backing out at all, but it’s just that moment when you know there is no turning back. I AM DOING A HALF MARATHON. For sure. No excuses.

It still makes me nervous just thinking about it now. Haha.

Tomorrow is a 5 mile run so today is my day off. I’m planning on taking the Oreo out for a longer walk just to keep the legs moving, but I can feel they are ready for a break.