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A Moose, A Train and a Polar Bear

This morning I got up and went for my all time favorite breakfast. An over easy egg on an english muffin. When ever I have this breakfast, I try to think of a new way to mix it up and turn it into something completely surprising…hopefully in a good way. Today, was feta cheese and Pesto. Really something different, but a great combination.

When I got home, I had some leftover Lasagna Roll from last night, still delightful πŸ™‚ I watched a bit of America’s Next Top Model and headed out for a run. As I was tying up the shoes, I looked outside and realized…it was dark. ALREADY. Shorter days are definitely on their way.

I still went out for the run, because I really need to stay on track with this training. About a mile into the run, I was thinking about a woman I had met on a flight to Boston a few months back. She was originally from the east coast, but moved a few years ago to ALASKA.

My obvious first questions was, “Do you REALLY have 6 months of darkness?!” Yup. They do. That just led into a long conversation about why she loves Alaska and could never see herself moving back. One of the things that really SHOCKED me was the fact that she still went for long runs during those 6 months of darkness. She told me that she would take her dog out on the run, in the middle of the woods because the dog would warn her if there was a moose charging at her and would actually step in front of her. SAY WHAT?!

The last time I saw a moose was this summer while hiking Mt Washington. It was a young moose and was only about the size of a large horse…but they get MMMUUUUUUUCCH larger.


Could you imagine getting charged by THAT? while you are out for a jog. NOT ME. That my friend is a hard limit.

As I’m pondering a moose charging me whilst running, the train tracks up ahead start signaling that a train is going to pass by. Naturally, I speed up, duck under the rails lined with flashing red lights, jump the tracks and scoot under the rail on the other side with a honking train close on my tail. Apparently, trains are NOT a hard limit for me.

After I got off the main road, I was happy enough to have some fairly well lit streets to run along until the last half a mile or so. Then, it went dark. It reminded me quite a bit of running Β in Massachusetts where there were a lot of wooded areas with very little lighting. The only thing that you really needed to be careful of was the occasional car that would whip around the tight corners. I always heard horror stories of friends getting hit while running.

I was just about a block away, staring at the ground picturing my runs that I used to do back in Mass when all of the sudden, BAM! POLAR BEAR!


Well, not really, a white rug thrown on the side of the road that looked like a polar bear. It legit scared me! But seriously?! A polar bear in central florida? What is this?? LOST??

Luckily, I got home and had a fantastic run. It was the first run so far that I really felt like I was in shape and could have just run and run and run.

What would stop you from going out on a run? Weather? Sore Muscles? A Moose Attack? A Polar Bear?

Fontina Cheese Over Easy Egg and Day 2 of Training

This morning was a slow one. I watched some reality TV and read up on US Weekly, found out Rob Kardashian is dating Rihanna! Shocking! When I finally went over to make some breakfast, I stared at the refrigerator for a while and came up with an over easy egg…this is my go to for breakfast if you couldn’t tell. But, I wanted to turn it into something a little bit different than the typical eggs and toast.

My inspiration, Brie, a phenomenal appetizer that I LOVE to make. I took fontina cheese, leftover from the Margarita Pizza, melted a bit on top and added some raspberry jam to the toast. It was better than I could have imagined. While I was eating it, I was thinking that some ground pepper would also be great on this to spice it up. Spice jam is always unexpected, in a good way.


The rest of the day was fairly relaxing. Nothing notable, but the best kind of saturday. After an afternoon of America’s Next Top Model, I decided to finally head to the gym. This process of getting dressed and out the door took me almost two episodes to accomplish. I was really only pushed when I looked at what time it closed, and it was an hour and a half away…TIME TO GO!

I went to the gym with one goal in mind. RUN 4 MILES. Now, I haven’t run that far without stopping in a while. I normally go to the gym and stop at 3 miles because I really do find the treadmill to be boring. After 3 miles, I’ll go find something a bit more captivating to finish it out with.

If I’m running outside, the FL heat starts to get me before I can really push past the 3 mile mark.

So I got on the treadmill with a plan…intervals. Lots and lots of intervals. I find making your goal 2 minutes away, or 1 minute away makes the entire run fly by a bit faster. This was my workout:

I was dying by the end of it, but man does it feel good! I loved this workout and will definitely be coming back to it again. It made the time fly by and the little rests in there at 6.0 were seriously necessary.

Give it a try!

For dinner, I went with a simple pasta and vodka sauce. I sprinkled it with some fresh parmesan cheese and basil leaves. Delicious. Just what I needed after a workout like that. Some carbs! πŸ™‚

For tonight, I’m thinking a glass of wine. I deserved it!

Have a great Saturday night!