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Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Ragu Lunch

I just popped home quick to let the pups out and to grab a quick lunch. With not too much time, leftovers it was. I just heated up a pot of water, threw in some whole grain penne and topped it off with left over Ragu.


Yumoooo. This filled me up in a hurry.



Now obviously, the majority of people don’t have the luxury of swinging home quick for lunch. So another way that you could swing this, is just to take a portion of the sauce with you to work. Prefreeze it in individual portions so all you have to do is grab the bag of Ragu and you are on your way and cook some pasta up in the AM to bring along.


Or, something you may not have thought of before….RAMON NOODLES. Yes, those crappy little, should never eat packages of noodles.


The reason that you shouldn’t eat those noodles is because of the high sodium dressing that come along with them. Minus the dressing they are simply noodles. Grab those packages for 39 cents at you supermarket and heat up those noodles in your microwave at work. Top it off with your Ragu and you’ve got a lunch to be jealous of.


The best choice however, would be the whole grain pastas. The reason, besides the fact that it is healthier for you than normal white pasta, is that it will fill you up faster. You will need to eat less of it to feel full. So when you are choosing pasta, steer yourself towards the healthier and more satisfying whole grain pasta.

Happy Eating!