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Celebrating the Milestones!

This morning I woke up and finished something that I don’t think I would have ever thought possible. After my little freak out earlier this week when I was looking at a 10 mile run, I conquered my fear and completed an 11 mile run! Whoot Whoot! This was the 1st time that I have run this distance (intentionally) and I couldn’t be more pumped.

I started the run with the mind set of, Let’s just finish it. My pace was slower than what I normally start out at for sure but I actually found myself thinking about how many miles I had left. After only a mile, I was thinking only 10 more to go! I can’t tell you how depressing that sounds mid jog.

My mindset for the remainder of the run was really casual. The run wasn’t over strenuous and it was fairly relaxing. Weird I know. When I hit around the 7 mile mark, I could feel myself getting a bit more tired. BUT, I had noticed a little old man hobbling down the sidewalk towards me. A car driving by honked hello at him and he jumped and waved excitedly. When I reached him, he looked up, stepped off the sidewalk and gave me the biggest double thumbs up, while shouting keep going!


Haha! I couldn’t make this up. He put a little extra pep in my step for sure.

I did start to struggle when I was about a mile and a half out. My entire mid-section was started to cramp up and I could tell my body was just really feeling it. I walked for about 25 yards and just decided to power through. I mean, what’s 1 mile in the midst of 11?!

When I got back, I sat on the couch and drank more water than any person should ever consume at one time. Eventually I recovered enough to head to the kitchen and make something for breakfast. Laziness kicking in again, I made my microwave eggs. Side Note: 1 minute and a half works perfectly. I had some comments that their eggs were blowing up a bit with 2 minutes 🙂 I think I just have a really old microwave!

I chopped it up, and put it on top of a cranberry english muffin. I’m really starting to LOVE these english muffins. The cranberries are so refreshing.

YUMM. That obviously wasn’t enough so I killed about half a container of raw almonds to go along with it.

For the rest of the day, I’ve got some work to catch up on, the dogs to get to puppy boarding and some major cleaning. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Have you ever come across something unexpectedly that motivates you or gives you an extra boost of energy??

Laziness to the Next Level

This morning I woke up and went for a 9 MILE RUN! WHOOOOOOOOOO. I’m actually really pumped about it because it was the second time that I have ever reached the 9 mile mark. On top of that, I ran my fastest 10K. Speed Demon! Not really, I am hoping to break the 2 hour mark at the half marathon and today I came in with a perfect 10 minute mile pace. Taking traffic stops and just gradual slowing down, I think I’m on the right track to beat that goal 🙂

I was actually starting to cramp up a bit around mile 3, which made me a bit nervous…because there are 6 more miles to go. And when I start cramping, it’s usually my abs, back or calves. None are fun. Around mile 7 my knee started to voice it’s opinion on continuing, but it’s thoughts were squished. After about a mile of complaining my knee gave in and just stopped hurting. Strange.

As soon as I got back, I stretched for a good 15 minutes. I have noticed that it takes a decent amount of time for my legs to recover after my long runs and I have a feeling that it’s because I’m just skipping out on the stretching all together. Everyone has always told me about the importance of stretching but I usually faked it. I’m really not a fan for some reason.

For breakfast, I was staring at the mountain of bread that I bought last night and was debating between these two guys:


Originally, I wanted to get some cinnamon bread, but instead these two caught my eye. PUMPKIN BREAD AND CARAMEL APPLE SAY WHAT?! The cinnamon bread was a no go and these guys found their way into my cart. I popped two slices of the pumpkin spice bread into the toaster and then ultimate laziness hit.

You run 9 miles in the morning, and funny, making some scrambled eggs just seems like too much work. I really needed some protein in this meal and eggs is usually the easiest thing to go with. WHELP. My lazy brain came up with an INGENIOUS idea! Microwavable Eggs! Seriously.

I filled a mug up with water, dropped an egg in it and threw it in the microwave for 2 minutes and BOOM! An over Hard Egg with very little clean up!! I just used a spoon to pick the egg up and plop him on my plate.

Look at the little guy:


It was so good too! The texture is different from a dropped egg because it doesn’t have those thin areas that you find when you boil the water first. It’s much more solid and hearty tasting. I’m already thinking about all of the fin things that I can do with this new discovery.

Eggs…in 2 minutes! Amazing.

Has your laziness ever turned into a new or better way to accomplish something??

Yup. Microwavable Eggs!