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A Month of Paleo!

Yes, you heard it right. After A week straight of baking every cookie under the sun and trying to make excuses to bake some more, I couldn’t actually handle all of the sugar any more and decided to give paleo a try. My sister had been doing a paleo challenge for the month of January with her cross fit gym, which put the idea in my head.

I was sitting at home, feeling the sugar over load and wanting to do something to get in shape for the upcoming wedding, when I just up and left to go to Barnes N Noble to pick up some cookbooks, then to the supermarket for a complete over-haul of my pantry.

I ended up grabbing “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf and Against All Grain, which is a cookbook by another blogger. The first aisle I walked down was the dairy aisle, with milk, cheeses, yogurts, butter, cream cheese. An aisle that I would most likely pick up all of the above was no longer an aisle that I wanted to even tempt myself with.

I bought what I considered to be paleo foods and headed home to read up. Robb Wolf’s book is a great reference to why paleo makes sense for your body. It really got me excited about trying the diet change.

What is the paleo diet?? In a short sentence, anything you can pick, hunt, or gather you can eat. No processed foods, no grains, no legumes, no dairy.

The paleo diet is really quite simple in what you are eating. So instead of painstakingly making a ‘food diary’ of sorts, here is a day of meals.




Peper and Onions, with spicy sausage and an over easy egg.





A sandwich without the bread. Roasted Red Peppers, Sliced Turkey, Avocado and Bacon.





A strawberry banana smoothie made with almond milk.





Roasted chicken and steamed broccoli. I licked that roasted chicken clean it was so good.


So far, it really hasn’t been that bad. After reading Robb Wolf’s book, I decided that being the strict, “NOTHING NON-PALEO WILL CROSS THESE LIPS.” That I would go with the idea of 85% of the time, paleo choices will be made. 15% is a little more relaxed. I eat on the road quite a bit and there really isn’t a way for me to no eat out. This way, when my salad has a bit of cheese sprinkled on top, I won’t go nuts.


Have you ever decided to try a drastic diet change??

75 Gluten Free Snacks

Gluten-Free eating is becoming more and more prevalent, or at least it seems like it is to me. My sister, my best friend and my co-worker’s kids are all eating gluten free. My sister just ventured off to college this fall and is trying to find things to eat in the university dining hall, NOT THAT EASY. I know what I used to eat my freshman year of college and I don’t think a single Gluten-Free item passed these little lips. Well, maybe ice cream. What also makes it harder is the fact that she can’t cook for herself. She has a microwave and that’s about the extent of it. You remember your freshman dorm room right? I know mine was about the size of a closet. Room for a bed, a desk and a dresser with room to walk straight up the middle. I don’t so much miss that.

I was talking to my co-worker about a week ago and she was telling  me about how she is cooking for her kids these days. I honestly don’t know how she does it. Her kids are diabetic, gluten free and in high school. She ends up cooking two different meals most nights to try to keep the cost down a bit. But the reality of it is, gluten free is expensive and it can be really difficult to find something to eat.

SO! I decided to do a little research, rack my brains and come up with some options. Hopefully there is an idea or two that will work for the little kidlets, and for college dorm living.

Can of V8 Splash Orange Slices Fresh Fruit
Baked Sweet Potato Chips Cold Cereal Apples and Peanut Butter
Jell-O Chocolate Covered Fruit Popcorn
Jell-O Pudding Waffle Sticks with Peanut Butter Pirate’s Booty
Applesauce Soup Fruit Roll Ups
Fruit Cups Pepperoni Chex Muddy Buddies
Lara Bars Meat and Cheese Roll-Ups Tuna Salad
Yogurt Celery with Cream Cheese Chicken Salad
Go-Gurt Greek Yogurt and Berries Nachos
String Cheese Cheese, Apple and Grapes with Dip Potato Salad
Ants on a Log Peanut Butter and Honey Popcorn Salad
Carrots with Dip Egg Salad Pasta Salad
Nuts, Sunflower Seeds Quesadillas Bean Salad
Pickles Mini Pizza with GF English Muffin Tacos
Cherry Tomatoes Mac N Cheese, with Rice Pasta Lettuce Wraps
Sliced Cucumber Rice Pudding/ Tapioca Pudding Kind Bars
Rice Cakes Raisin Mini Boxes Edamame
Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter Roasted Broccoli Cheesy Popcorn
Rice Krispie Treats Rice Crackers Kettle Popcorn
M&Ms GF Betty Crocker Muffins Cottage Cheese
Granola Oatmeal Smoothies
Trail Mix Quinoa Salads Veggies and Hummus
Frozen Grapes Quinoa Breakfast Blends Rice Cakes with Apple Butter
Hard Boiled Eggs Mini Craisin Packs Dried Fruit
Deviled Eggs Potato Chips Can Do Kids Bars

These are just some easy things that you can pick up or easily whip together. I tried to stay away from grain based foods that would require you to buy specifically gluten free products because they are usually a bit more expensive. So there are several other options that would open up if you have gluten free bread available.

To find some of the gluten free products a bit cheaper, there are online stores that offer discounts and a wider variety of gluten free foods. Strange, I know but you can order your food online! What if this is the future of food shopping?! Could you imagine logging onto a computer to order your food? Here are some of the online supermarkets that I found for Gluten Free Products:


Gluten Free.com

Whole Foods



Udi’s is a brand of gluten free foods and you can order it on their website. But don’t forget to look at their special offers page for some coupons! Nuts.com is a website that you can order gluten free foods in bulk and hopefully save a penny or two. It looks pretty fantastic to me! If anyone gives it a try, let me know what you think!

Each supermarket also has a nutrition page on their website listing out their gluten free foods, which should help out when you are trying to figure out what you can and can’t eat. For example, Publix is the big supermarket in Florida. Definitely use these to your advantage, especially in the deli section. Another great thing about Publix, is that you can actually speical order items that they don’t have on the shelves. So if you do want to give something a try, don’t be shy and ask someone to order it for you 🙂

I also found this website that you can actually find restaurants in your area that serve gluten free foods. This is fantastic. If you know of a restaurant in your area that isn’t on this site and serves gluten free foods add it up there!  Eating Out Gluten Free!

Triumph Dining <— For some information on supermarket shopping gluten free, eating out and a whole bunch more, check out this site. It is really informational.

I know this is a whole bunch of notes just thrown together, but hopefully there is something here to point you in the right direction. If you don’t see what you want, just set yourself to google! It’s a wonderful thing 🙂 I try to note when I cook up a gluten free meal in the categories so be sure to check that out too!

Hope it was helpful!