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Juicy Turkey Burger

I got home from work, and I was trying to come up with something to throw together for dinner, because the big man was coming over. Meat was pretty much the only requirement, and usually is. When he heads over, 90% of the time I should probably start heating up the grill.

I try not to eat red meat more than once a week, because health wise, it’s really not a great idea to eat it more often. Besides the high fat content and high calories, its been known to cause heart problems and other blood problems if it becomes a major part of your diet. Which lead me to poultry. With a package of ground turkey in the freezer, Turkey Burgers came to life.

Let’s just say, when I told him Turkey Burgers was on the menu, he was a little less than excited because all he could think of was those dried out slabs of ground turkey you find in dining halls. So I went to work with the main goal of making sure these little suckers stayed JUICY.


1 Pound of Ground Turkey                                                  Lettuce

1/2 Cup Mozzarella Cheese, Low Fat                              1/4 Red Pepper

4 Slices of Tomato                                                               4 Whole Wheat Buns



1. Dice your red pepper.


2. Divide up your pound of ground meat into 4 patties. Take one patty, split it in two, to form two thin patties.

3. Fill the center of one of the patties with some mozzarella cheese and red peppers.


4. Put the second half of the patty on top of the first.


5. Complete three other patties. And warm up skillet, grill or any other cooking surface to a medium-high heat.


6. Throw the burgers on the grill and cook for about 5 minutes on each side. I cooked on a skillet and sprayed the surface with cooking spray just before I put the patties on. You don’t want the cooking spray to burn or else you will get a burnt looking patty.

7. While the burgers were on the the grill, I chopped up my tomatoes and pulled out the lettuce.


8. Burgers are done,

So throw some ketchup on the bun, add the burger, lettuce and tomato. I toasted the bun because it adds a bit of crispness to the meal. And there you have it!



When Brent took a bite out of his burger, his eyes literally popped out of his head, and the juice from the burger dripped down his chin. Needless to say, it was a great success. The man LOVED them. SO much that he had  3. Not really sticking to any sort of healthy portion size, but hey, I took the over eating as a huge compliment.


Not to mention, on his way home from work, I asked if he would pick up those whole wheat buns. He pulls in the driveway and I go RUNNING out the door to snatch the burger buns from his hands, because I had been staring at the clock for fifteen minutes since the burgers came off the grill and needed these guys toasted. My burgers were getting cold 😦 As I FLING open the passenger side door, Brent pulls up two large bouquets of flowers. Definitely makes up for the 15 minutes of waiting, and more!



So sweet I just had to share! And look at those flowers!!


Well let me know what you all think about the turkey burgers! Give them a try at your next BBQ just to shake things up. And don’t be afraid to try something new! Next time I make these burgers, I am thinking Blue Cheese and diced Bacon on the inside, and maybe some BBQ sauce to top it off! Talk about a Manly Turkey Burger! ….Does that even exist 🙂


Happy Eating!

Tuna Stuffed Tomato

Today being Friday, I got up and went to the gym, worked out for a looooong 30 minutes and when I got home, passed out on the couch for a solid hour. Note to self, have coffee ready and waiting when you get home from the gym. Needless to say, I got a delayed start to my day.

So for my LATE lunch today, I needed something quick and delicious to get me through the rest of the day, hopefully being semi productive. The tuna stuffed tomato has always been in the back of my mind because it is so unbelievably easy and really just  a twist on the traditional tuna sandwich, which can be much heavier and result in a coma like state making the rest of your day feel just that much longer. Not what I need right now.

There are a MILLION ways that you can prepare this, so I’ll just show you the way I ended up doing making it today. Feel free to add whatever you like to this recipe. I have been known to throw together a ranch and onion powder tuna fish, or a spicy mustard based tuna. Options are endless! Let me know if you have any other tuna salads that are just to die for!


1 Can of Tuna Fish                                                        1/4 Cup Red Onion

3 Tablespoons No fat Mayo (I used Smart Blanace)

Ground Pepper to Taste                                               2 Red Tomatoes

Green Lettuce


1. Slice the top of the tomatoes off and hallow out the insides of the tomatoes.

2. Mix tuna, onions, mayo and ground pepper in a bowl.

3. Add tuna salad into the center of the tomatoes. Serve on a bed of lettuce.


Bon Appétit! 

I am very happy with the way this came out and it is perfect for a lighter lunch. It doesn’t weigh you down at all and gives you the fuel to get you through the rest of the day.


Nutritionally, this is fantastic! The mayo is really the only thing that you need to make sure you don’t over do. Calorically, it rounds out to be about 230-250 calories. So definitely fits into the meal plan.


Let me know how yours comes out and if you do anything differently! It always good to try and shake things up a bit so your taste buds never know whats coming!