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Jack’s Steakhouse

This weekend was my friend Christina’s birthday! Whoot Whoot! We all went out for dinner at Jack’s Steakhouse and just hung around some really great friends. Jack’s is located on Lake Baldwin and they are known for, can you guess?? their steaks.


I was originally going to stick with my chicken/fish only meatatarian deal, but I spotted a burger and started to feel guilty that I was going to order fish at a steak house. I don’t regret it at all.



Happy elf. I only ended up eating half of it, and taking the rest home because it really filled me up.


Brent, the steak lover he is, got a 22oz cowboy cut steak. It was MASSIVE.


To munch on before the meal, they had some bread and dipping oil…and it was SO GOOD. I ate a solid 3 pieces of it before the waiter even took our order.



If you like steak…this is the place to go. It can be a bit pricey because they have such great quality steaks, but if you go on Thursday, they have 5 dollar burgers. You can’t beat that!



Sunday, I headed to Lake Eola to walk around the farmers market with my friend Audra and our pups. I only took Bacon out because I figured he would be the easiest to control and he’s been giving me these serious puppy dog eyes for the past few days. On the way over there, I came up to this truck…and couldn’t stop laughing at it. It was really hard to snap a picture because of the lighting, and ended up taking 4 or 5. The guy caught me…and waved out the window. Embarrassing.


The if it fits in the truck, let’s move it is seriously put to the test here. He has rope twisting around every leg of furniture in the truck just to hold it in there. Haha.

Anyways. The weekend was full of sore muscles and relaxing. My legs are still a bit tight, but I’m going to try and squeeze a run in today. After the half marathon, I’m dying to get back out on the road.

Have you ever seen something that you just had to take a picture of and got caught doing it??