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Jack and Coke Cupcakes

Yesss…it is exactly what you are thinking! This weekend we went out with our friends to celebrate Brent’s birthday finally. It was AMAZING. We all met for happy hour at Dexter’s in downtown Orlando for 1.50 domestics. You can’t really beat that. Then we headed off to the main event, LASER TAG! We had pizza and soda for the meal, just like when you were a kid, and played laser tag for the whole night. At one point I had tripped and was just so into the game that I started crawling on my knees attempting to shoot people. My knees have some great little rug burns from the whole deal.

It was so much fun that I would strongly recommend this to anyone else just looking for something different to do. We are all in our mid to late twenties and it was a blast.

So I obviously had to bring a cake or cupcakes to celebrate. What’s a birthday party at laser tag without singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles?! I wanted to make something with whiskey worked into it somehow because whiskey is Brent’s go to drink and I felt that there had to be something grown up about this shindig. It was also just a fun challenge for myself to take on.

SInce you can’t bake whiskey and hope that there is still some alcohol content in there, I hallowed out the center and made a chocolate, whiskey ganache to fill each cupcake. For the icing, I made a simple whiskey butter cream icing. My friends all loved them and for your next party I would recommend these for any whiskey lover. I do have to say…there is nothing health about these but for a special occasion, why not splurge 🙂

Chocolate and Coke Cup Cakes Ingredients:

7.5 Ounce Can Diet Coke (apprx 1 Cup)                                 2 Sticks Butter (Salted)

3/4 Cup Unsweetened Cocoa Powder                                    2 Cups All Purpose Flour

2 Cups Sugar                                                                           1/2 Teaspoons Baking Soda

1/4 Teaspoon Salt                                                                    2 Large Eggs

2/3 Cup Fat Free Greek Yogurt


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a large sauce pan, add diet coke, and butter. Bring it to a simmer over medium heat.

2. Add in your Cocoa and mix it up until the mixture is completely smooth. You may not be able to get it completely uniform but just make sure the cocoa is mixed thoroughly into the mix.

3. Put the coca mix aside and let it cool down to room temperature. In a medium sized bowl, add the flour, baking soda and salt. Mix it up well and set it aside.

4. Now, I used a smaller bowl for this next step, but in the interest of making less of a mess, use a large bowl and add your greek yogurt,  sugar and eggs and mix them well.

5. In your large bowl with your greek yogurt mix, add in the cocoa mix and combine well.

6. Gently fold in your flour mix, into the large bowl as well.

7. Divide the batter into your cupcake tin lined with paper liners. This will make 24 cupcakes and the tins should only be filled about 2/3 of the way because they rise a ton. It bakes for about 20 minutes, but check it to make sure your tooth pick comes out clean from the center of the cupcake.

Whiskey Ganache Ingredients

8 Ounces of Bittersweet 70% Cocoa Chocolate                     2/3 Cup Heavy Cream

2 Tablespoons Butter                                                              3 Teaspoons Jack Daniels


1. Chop up the chocolate and place it into a glass bowl. Heat up the cream in the microwave until it simmers (about 1 minute). Pour the cream over the chocolate.

2. Let it sit for a little so the cream has a chance to melt the chocolate. Stir it together until you get a smooth chocolate mixture. Add in the butter and whiskey. Stir until the butter has blended in.

Ganache DONE!

Jack Daniels Butter Cream Icing Ingredients

3/4 Cups of Confectioners Sugar                              1 3/4 Sticks of Butter

7 Tablespoons of Jack Daniels (you can use other whiskeys)


1. In a large bowl, whip up your butter so it is smooth and easy to stir. DO NOT MELT IT! Add in a 1/2 cup of confectioners sugar.

2. Keep adding sugar at 1/2 cup increments until you have added 3/5 cups. Now stir in your Jack Daniels a tablespoon at a time. This will change the texture of the icing and if it becomes to liquid, add in a bit more sugar.


Now putting it all together:

1. Once the cupcakes are cool, hallow out the center of the cupcake. I used a teaspoon measuring cup and scooped it out. If you have a corer or something of the like, that should be easier.

2. Take a plastic ziploc and fill it with the Ganache. Cut a small corner off so you can squeeze the ganache through the end. Fill each cupcake.

3. Now just ice the top of the cupcake with your icing and you have got your Jack Daniels and Coke Cupcake!

You can decorate the top of these anyway that you would like. I served mine plain but you can do anything with the top.

Also, you can use this icing and ganache for just about any type of cupcake. So if you don’t feel like making cupcakes from scratch, get the boxed stuff and just add your own little flare to it!

These are by no means healthy, and they do take a little preparation but I don’t mind for someone’s birthday. I like to use it as an excuse to go a little wild.

Let me know what you guys think! And definitely give them a try! YUM YUM YUM!

Happy Eating!