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Pinterest Inspired Breakfast

This morning I was perusing Pinterest as I was laying in bed trying to motivate myself to get up, when I came across this gem: A Sunny Side-Up Egg Inside a green pepper slice. Looks cool right?!


It reminded me a lot of the Hole in the Wall breakfast I loved when I was little. I know there are a ton of different things people call it, like a birds nest or a Rabbit Hole. Every person that I talk to about this has a completely different name. But what is, is cutting a circle out of the center of a slice of bread and cooking an egg on the inside. If you haven’t had it before, you have GOT to try it. Just butter up the bread so it browns perfectly.

When I was making this Green Pepper Hole in the Walls, I found that if you crank the heat up to a medium-high temp initially, so the egg hardens a bit faster and then reduce the heat to around a 4 to allow the egg to cook all the way through without burning it, works out a bit better. My first few  didn’t turn out as well because I knew the heat had to be low to cook the egg through, but I didn’t count on the egg escaping out the bottom of the green pepper slice.

I had two of these Green Holes in the Walls and a slice of toast before I was out for the morning.

Also, in my Pinterest searching this morning I came across 17 Pinterest Fails from BuzzFeed.com. FANTASTIC. And even better..the breakfast that I made this morning was up there.




Have you ever attempted something and epically failed??

Absolutely. I was using a shortcut through a school yard with my friends on our way to grab some pizza in college. After a quick look down the fence, I didn’t see a break in it, so I started to climb over it. At the top, I grabbed onto a tree for stability as I swung my legs over. Meanwhile, my two friends had found an opening and were now standing on the other side laughing at my ridculousness. As my second leg came over the top of the fence, I grabbed onto the tree with both hands. Well, the tree was NOT stable and I, along with the tree, fell to the ground. The tree actually landed on top of me. And my wonderful friends didn’t come running to help, they pulled out their phones and started snapping pictures. (These pictures will not be posted)

Epic Fence Climbing Fail