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Healthy, Low Calorie French Toast with Blueberry Topping

This morning I wanted to wake up and try out Body Pump, BUT I slept through my alarm. So instead! I used my time to make some french toast. YUMMM. It really was quick and simple but delicious and healthy!



2 Eggs 1/4 Cup Non-Fat Milk
1/4 Teaspoon Cinnamon 1/4 Teaspoon Vanilla


1. Mix up all of the ingredients in a flat pan.


2. Allow the two slices of toast to soak up the egg mixture and place the slices on a greased, pre-heated griddle at medium heat.


3. Flip the french toast over after about 2 minutes. It should be nicely browned.


Once the second side has browned, you are done!

For the blueberry topping, take a 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries and put them in the microwave for a minute. Out pops a delicious blueberry topping! It’s that easy!


Now, for a fun French Toast story…because I get reminded of it EVERY time I eat french toast.

When I was in college, I was hanging out with my roommates on the futon watching Jersey Shore while eating some french toast. In the middle of putting a bite into my mouth, I posed the question, “Where do you think french toast came from? I mean…who would have thought about soaking toast in an egg and putting it on the stove?”

They both laughed at me. And Kaitlin responds, “France! Duh!’

I know, insightful. But upon forcing a response out of Kaitlin, she ends up coming up with the story of some poor French farmers that only had eggs and toast. They got bored with just eating eggs and toast and they just decided to combine the two!

Claire…thought this was hilarious. She posted it on facebook expecting a huge laugh from people, which it got. BUT! all of my friends know, I am the google queen. I google EVERYTHING. And google confirmed our story! It was in fact true!

Although they didn’t exactly get bored with bread and eggs, they used the eggs to mask the fact that the bread had gone stale. Ingenious I think.

A little tuesday night trivia for ya!

This evening, for training I headed to the gym because I missed the body pump this morning and jumped in on a cycling class.


I love cycling. I have been going to the classes on and off for almost 4 years now and can’t seem to kick the habit. I did try riding on the road about two years ago with an epic fail. I refurbished my dad’s old bike from when he was my age, and jumped right on. Let’s just say, the saying about always knowing how to ride a bike….it’s not so true in my case.

I’ll save the stories for another day, but I still have the scars from that summer to prove I really did give it a solid try!

The classes are fantastic. You don’t need the cycling shoes to do it. I always find that they are one of the best classes to go to when you are feeling really unmotivated at the gym. There’s nothing like a guy staring at you telling you to peddle faster to get you going!

Any good cycling stories out there?

Paleo Oatmeal and an Interval Workout

This morning I woke up and ran off to the gym to do my 3 mile run as scheduled. Upon walking through the kitchen, I noticed my bananas had literally peeled themselves. Bananas for breakfast it is!

Haha! How funny is that?! I laughed out loud when I saw that. Before I gave into my bananas, I went off to the gym.

Per the usual, I hate running on treadmills for a long period of time, I came up with another interval workout. This time, with distance and speed as opposed to a timed workout. So here’s what happened this morning:

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t jump off a time or two towards the end for a real quick breather. This run really had me going, and I am still recovering from it.

And then, we were back to the self peeling bananas. I was trying to come up with a unique way to cook up these bananas, because clearly, these were not normal bananas. I found a recipe on several blogs for Paleo Oatmeal, which is really an oatmeal without the oats! Say what? I ended up choosing this recipe from OnaPinkTypewriter.com. The recipe was changed up just a bit from what she originally did, but follows the same guidelines.

Looks just like real oatmeal doesn’t it?!


2 Eggs 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
2 Tablespoons Ground Flaxseeds 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Banana, mashed 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla


1. Whisk together the eggs, and almond milk in a small bowl. Then stir in the banana, flaxseed, vanilla and cinnamon. Make sure the banana is smooth in the mixture.

2. In a small saucepan, heat up the mixture for about five minutes until you get the texture that you prefer. Just make sure you don’t leave it too liquid because there are eggs in there!

And Finito! Just put it into a bowl and top it off with anything that you like. I added more banana, because I had two self peeling bananas! and some more cinnamon. I could definitely see sliced almonds working well in this as well.

The texture is a bit different than anything else. It’s very fluffy. Add some granola or anything else crunchy if the texture gets to you a bit.

For lunch, I made some pasta because I was again, starving! SImple, Easy, Delicious.


1 Serving Whole Wheat Penne 1/4 Cup Tomato
3 Chopped Basil Leaves 1/4 Cup Red Pepper
Tablespoon Fresh Paremsan Cheese 2 Tablespoon Catalina Dressing
2 Tablespoon Fresh Chives

No directions needed, just cook up the pasta and throw the rest on top! So easy! It was really light and filling at the same time. Just to give you an idea of HOW MANY VEGGIES I PUT IN THIS THING…

OH yea, I went nuts.

Brent had asked me to bring him by some lunch as well. But he didn’t want any of this “healthy” stuff. He wanted something SPICY! So I made him a quick, spicy pasta.


1/4 Cup Garlic and Onion Ragu 2 Tablespoon Hot Sauce
1/4 Cup Jalapenos 1/4 Cup Fontina Cheese

Really, nothing crazy at all, but much healthier than the Mac N Cheese covered in hot sauce that he wanted! Just adding the hot sauce to something that was already fully flavored and could handle a little spice made this pasta just that much better. Don’t be afraid to take those pre-made pasta sauces and turn them into something unique. Think of them as a starting point instead of the main attraction.

What are some other ways that you can dress up pasta quickly and easily?