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Celebrating the Milestones!

This morning I woke up and finished something that I don’t think I would have ever thought possible. After my little freak out earlier this week when I was looking at a 10 mile run, I conquered my fear and completed an 11 mile run! Whoot Whoot! This was the 1st time that I have run this distance (intentionally) and I couldn’t be more pumped.

I started the run with the mind set of, Let’s just finish it. My pace was slower than what I normally start out at for sure but I actually found myself thinking about how many miles I had left. After only a mile, I was thinking only 10 more to go! I can’t tell you how depressing that sounds mid jog.

My mindset for the remainder of the run was really casual. The run wasn’t over strenuous and it was fairly relaxing. Weird I know. When I hit around the 7 mile mark, I could feel myself getting a bit more tired. BUT, I had noticed a little old man hobbling down the sidewalk towards me. A car driving by honked hello at him and he jumped and waved excitedly. When I reached him, he looked up, stepped off the sidewalk and gave me the biggest double thumbs up, while shouting keep going!


Haha! I couldn’t make this up. He put a little extra pep in my step for sure.

I did start to struggle when I was about a mile and a half out. My entire mid-section was started to cramp up and I could tell my body was just really feeling it. I walked for about 25 yards and just decided to power through. I mean, what’s 1 mile in the midst of 11?!

When I got back, I sat on the couch and drank more water than any person should ever consume at one time. Eventually I recovered enough to head to the kitchen and make something for breakfast. Laziness kicking in again, I made my microwave eggs. Side Note: 1 minute and a half works perfectly. I had some comments that their eggs were blowing up a bit with 2 minutes 🙂 I think I just have a really old microwave!

I chopped it up, and put it on top of a cranberry english muffin. I’m really starting to LOVE these english muffins. The cranberries are so refreshing.

YUMM. That obviously wasn’t enough so I killed about half a container of raw almonds to go along with it.

For the rest of the day, I’ve got some work to catch up on, the dogs to get to puppy boarding and some major cleaning. Busy, Busy, Busy.

Have you ever come across something unexpectedly that motivates you or gives you an extra boost of energy??

Plans Foiled Again

I feel like every time I mention that I’m planning on making something for dinner, or for lunch, something happens and I end up not making what I said I was going to. Yesterday for lunch, I thought I was clever in coming up with this lovely little lunch that was going to be whipped together in the tiny kitchen there. Well, foiled again.

I ended up having lunch brought to the office yesterday, and my little mixings just sat in the lunch box next to my desk. So, I ended up having some DELICIOUS lasagna, a caesar salad and some garlic bread. YUMMY.


The killer is the desserts that they always bring along. Yesterday was this delicious White Chocolate Mouse, and today a Banana Delight Cake. I resisted though.

The mixings for lunch made its way home and ended up being dinner. I made a mini pizza with left over pasta sauce and some mozzarella cheese on an english muffin. Not too creative of a dinner, but it would have been AWESOME for a lunch on the go.


This morning I was up and running at 530. I had a meeting that I had to get to out in Melbourne first thing in the AM. The only thing I could bring myself to have that early was some coffee. I’m not really in the mood to eat anything substantial at that time. I grabbed one of the To You Snack bars and headed out the door.


Seriously. This mint chocolate chip granola bar was unlike anything I have ever had. It was delicious. I can’t even really describe it. Make sure you send your entry for Sizzle Wars in soon! Because you could have a whole case of these guys 🙂

For the rest of the day I’ve got some work to get finished and a meeting at 130 I’ve got to get to ASAP.


Hope your Wednesday’s are going well!!


Would you rather have a busy day that you are running out the door and going all day or a relaxed day that you have nothing planned??


Honestly, I need something planned for the day to get me going. I would much rather be running around crazy than sitting in front of the TV. So I try make sure I have something to get done each day to motivate me to get going. 🙂



Egg, Tomato and Chive Sandwich

Last night I had come up with this idea for breakfast and the fat kid inside me was so excited to whip it up. It is perfect for those days that you are running out the door and it is delicious! I was so excited to make this I forgot to toast my english muffin….which I would have.

I had seen a similar sandwich that had mayo, and fresh chives instead of the cream cheese chive flavored. I am not a huge fan of mayo at all and whenever I can I will substitute it out. I also don’t have fresh chives lying around all the time…soo born was this sandwich!


(It was really difficult to make this look as yummy as it tasted in a photo)


1 English Muffin (halved)                                     2 Slices of Tomato

1 Hard Boiled Egg, Sliced                                  1 Tablespoon No-Fat Chive Cream Cheese


1. On One half of your english muffin (toasted), stack your tomato and then your hard boiled egg slices. On the second half, smear your cream cheese.


2. Put the sandwich together and your are finished! Seriously….that easy.


Definitely mix it up with whatever you have in your kitchen…if you have fresh chives and plain cream cheese go with it. Of it you want to try the mayo and chive sandwich, that would be yummy too….just not as good for you (I think).

For the english muffin, I used a Honey Wheat double Fiber Thomas English Muffin, which are my favorite because they are a bit sweet and end up bringing their own little flavor into the mix. They are also low calorie and high fiber…exactly what you want.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! I’m off to a big meeting at an office in Melbourne, FL! Wish me luck!

Happy Eating!

Apple Pie for Breakfast!

I love taking anything traditional and putting a little twist on them. Just something that people wouldn’t necessarily expect to make things interesting. This morning, it was apple pie. Yesssssssss. Who doesn’t love a good apple pie?!

I took some of the basics of breakfast as well as apple pie and just mushed them together to see what would happen, and good things happened. Give it a try when you are looking to spice up your morning!



1/2 a Granny Smith Apple                                               2 English Muffins

1/2 Cup Peanut Butter                                                    1 Tablespoon Smart Balance Butter

1 Tablespoon of Sugar                                                   1 Teaspoon Ground Cinnamon


1. Split a toasted english muffin in half and top each half off with peanut butter. I used homemade peanut butter that I wanted to try out from the supermarket but any brand should work fine.


2. Slice your apples up and put a few slices on each half. If you don’t like granny smith, or don’t have any, try a red apple. It’s closer to the traditional apple pie recipe. Granny Smith is just what I had lying around.


3. In a small dish, add the butter, sugar and cinnamon. Microwave for 15 seconds.


4. Drizzle this on top of you apples. Don’t go too crazy because this obviously isn’t an extremely nutritious dressing. I only used about half on 4 halves.

And Eat UP!

Some other options for the topping are honey and Agave. These are much better for you than melted butter and would give you the same sweetening effect.

You can also try some light brown sugar as opposed to regular white sugar. It would get you even closer to that authentic taste.

Let me know what you guys think and if anyone gives it a try!

Happy Eating!