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Welcome to the Long Weekend!

I have been DYING for a long weekend just to NOT think about work. Since I started my new job I haven’t had a day off and I really just wanted a few days to put the work and the emails aside to do whatever I felt like.

For Memorial Day weekend, I headed down to Cape Cod to stay at my parents house. I actually drove down on Thursday night and went to a few meetings on Friday to avoid traffic. Yesterday, I woke up around 7 and headed outside to let Oreo and Bacon do their thing when I spotted THIS guy hanging around the street.


HOW COOL IS HE?! I have seen a few turtles before, but this was by far the largest that I have seen just out for a stroll. Bacon ran over to it clearly thinking it was a rock. But upon further investigation, ie sniffing, he discovered it was alive. He jumped backwards three feet and just glared at it in curiosity. Oreo…still thought it was a rock. Besides the large turtle roaming around, they had a fantastic time chasing the rabbits that were trying get in a morning breakfast of clovers.


For breakfast, I whipped up an egg sandwich deal on a pumpernickel bagel. I’m trying to cut back a bit on the amount of bread that I’m eating because I recently realized that all I eat is really carbs and carbs. So, I toasted up half a bagel, cooked 2 eggs over hard, seasoned them with some cajun seasoning and melted a half a slice of cheese on both. With the pan still hot, I chopped up two small tomatoes and warmed them up with bits of turkey. Threw the tomatoes and turkey on top and BAM! Yummy!



After eating and relaxing a bit more. We headed out to check out some of the consignment shops that are in the area. I had heard that they were actually quite good and you can find some pretty unique things at very low prices. I was actually really surprised how many there were once you started looking…and the size on them! You could really find anything you wanted at these shops and pay much less than going to retail stores. I was particularly interested in some of the furniture.



After poking around for a little while, we came across this candy shop, Candy Co in Yarmouth, that I had heard has just about every type of candy you can think of…even some that you can’t seem to find anymore. That sold me. And…they really did have just about everything you could like of. This was only HALF the wall:



Penny Candy, PEEPS! Irish chocolate and sweets. My family and I had gone to Ireland a long time ago and I remember LOVING these candy:



They had a whole wall of Jelly Bellies that you could just pick out the flavors that you wanted. Such a great idea. We had so much fun just walking about and taking notice of some of the oldies but goodies that you just don’t see anymore. My favorite throw back were the Fruit Strip Gum.



The gum was good…it lost it’s flavor fairly quickly but the best part were the tattoos that you could put on your tongue! Who remembers that?!

Anyone up for a cricket in their lollipop?!



NO thanks.

I ended up walking out with some chocolate covered espresso beans and enjoyed a few on the ride home. They are one of my favorite treats.

After a day of walking around town, Brent and I headed to DJs Pub, which I had heard had FANTASTIC wings that you just had to try. Who can resist. We got there at the start of the second period of the Bruins game last night…and that was a poor choice. We waited for a while in the doorway with a few other people. And after around 20 minutes of waiting, a table for 6 cleared. With several groups of twos waiting, we decided to sit down with another couple.

Immediately, the PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY WINGS jumped off the menu at me. Now, that WAS my favorite sandwich when I was little, but I don’t know about putting that combo on a wing. So…we had to try it.




Yes. That is peanut butter and jelly smothering those wings. And I have to say…it was different but really good! The peanut butter had a little spice to it, which really made the flavor. We tried the buffalo as well, but they weren’t as notable as the PB and J. Next time, perhaps a garlic?!


What was your favorite candy growing up?? 




The Begging Eyes of Oreo

Yesterday was actually National Cookie Day, and well…I made cookies! I didn’t actually make them specifically for the little celebration in my kitchen, but really for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. You get 3 different names of food bloggers and make them each a dozen cookies. In return, you are sent cookies from another food blogger! FUN!

I made some Whole Wheat, Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. They turned out soo well.



I packed them with chocolate chips and cranberries. I ended up with 4 dozen cookies, which is exactly what I was aiming for, because 1 dozen…is for ME! I’ll post the recipe to this in about a week when the Food Blogger exchange is done with.

While I was baking them, Bacon and Oreo were going NUTS. Bacon is actually high enough that it’s easy for him to prop his paws up and grab a cookie. He got one, and the second time I caught him the cookie just plopped on the ground. That one didn’t make it into the pile. Just check out this little montage of Oreo’s beggin faces. She ran through these like they were planned.

Here’s the “I’m so adorable and pretty you can’t help but give me a cookie.”


Now, a frustrated little cry because her puppy eyes weren’t working.


The licking of the chops just to get the point across that something should be heading into her mouth…incase I hadn’t caught onto it yet.


And now…for the finale. The ultimate…big puppy dog eyes that make you feel like you are a bad puppy mom. Beware…this will jerk the heart strings.



The girl has some moves…you have to give it to her. These all happened within a 30 second interval. I also snapped a few of Bacon just to get his begging face…but they all looked exactly like this:



He doesn’t stoop to Oreo’s level. He just waits until I walk out of the room and tries to snag one.



Breakfast this morning was one of my staples. Eggs on Toast. But to dress it up a bit without adding any extra time, I added some Earth Balance butter and some Black Raspberry Jam to the toast. It gives a similar flavor to Brie and jam.



It turned out really well. I was thinking that you could easily put some ground pepper on this to play off the sweetness of the jam to add another dimension to it.


Do you have any tricks to dress up a simple dish??



Pinterest Inspired Breakfast

This morning I was perusing Pinterest as I was laying in bed trying to motivate myself to get up, when I came across this gem: A Sunny Side-Up Egg Inside a green pepper slice. Looks cool right?!


It reminded me a lot of the Hole in the Wall breakfast I loved when I was little. I know there are a ton of different things people call it, like a birds nest or a Rabbit Hole. Every person that I talk to about this has a completely different name. But what is, is cutting a circle out of the center of a slice of bread and cooking an egg on the inside. If you haven’t had it before, you have GOT to try it. Just butter up the bread so it browns perfectly.

When I was making this Green Pepper Hole in the Walls, I found that if you crank the heat up to a medium-high temp initially, so the egg hardens a bit faster and then reduce the heat to around a 4 to allow the egg to cook all the way through without burning it, works out a bit better. My first few  didn’t turn out as well because I knew the heat had to be low to cook the egg through, but I didn’t count on the egg escaping out the bottom of the green pepper slice.

I had two of these Green Holes in the Walls and a slice of toast before I was out for the morning.

Also, in my Pinterest searching this morning I came across 17 Pinterest Fails from BuzzFeed.com. FANTASTIC. And even better..the breakfast that I made this morning was up there.




Have you ever attempted something and epically failed??

Absolutely. I was using a shortcut through a school yard with my friends on our way to grab some pizza in college. After a quick look down the fence, I didn’t see a break in it, so I started to climb over it. At the top, I grabbed onto a tree for stability as I swung my legs over. Meanwhile, my two friends had found an opening and were now standing on the other side laughing at my ridculousness. As my second leg came over the top of the fence, I grabbed onto the tree with both hands. Well, the tree was NOT stable and I, along with the tree, fell to the ground. The tree actually landed on top of me. And my wonderful friends didn’t come running to help, they pulled out their phones and started snapping pictures. (These pictures will not be posted)

Epic Fence Climbing Fail





Where’d You Go, Bernadette??

Last Night I relaxed on the couch and finished up a book that I had been reading for a while now. Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.


I had picked it up because I was perusing in Barnes N Noble a little while ago and I came across this one on the Staff Picks Shelf. I usually end up walking out with one of the Staff Picks in hand because it takes this overwhelming store of possibilities and narrows it down to 20 good reads. Simple and easy. 🙂

Where’d You Go, Bernadette is a story about the husband of a Microsoft Guru and the mother of Bee, a smart, spunky teenager attending one of the most prestigious private schools in Seattle. Bernadette is misunderstood amongst her neighbors and suddenly goes missing. Bee complies letters, emails and notes between the members of her community in order to track down her mother.

The format of the book, is the compilation of letters that Bee has organized. Although, I didn’t find that to be apparent until 3/4 of the way through the book. The family dynamic and the character development is definitely a bit different as well. Bernadette herself comes off as a frivolous person that just acts upon a whim. She’s very unaware of her surroundings and can either act just to make the people around her happy, OR purposefully act against those people. You then dig more into her past and begin to understand more about what drives her.

It’s definitely an interesting read, but I didn’t find it to be a page turner. It’s light and short. A good read for just before bedtime.


This morning I got up, wrote out some of the Thanksgiving cards that I had made this weekend and whipped up a quick breakfast. I was already feeling stuffed for some CRAZY reason, so I just started throwing veggies on the skillet and topped it with 3 eggs to hold it all together.

In the egg scramble was some onions, green peppers and spinach leaves. I sprinkled some cheddar cheese on top, along with salt and pepper. Not such a bad start to the day. It’s light and easy but packed with enough protein that it should get me through lunch.

How do you go about selecting your books?? Friends recommendations?? Google?? Barnes N Noble??

Laziness to the Next Level

This morning I woke up and went for a 9 MILE RUN! WHOOOOOOOOOO. I’m actually really pumped about it because it was the second time that I have ever reached the 9 mile mark. On top of that, I ran my fastest 10K. Speed Demon! Not really, I am hoping to break the 2 hour mark at the half marathon and today I came in with a perfect 10 minute mile pace. Taking traffic stops and just gradual slowing down, I think I’m on the right track to beat that goal 🙂

I was actually starting to cramp up a bit around mile 3, which made me a bit nervous…because there are 6 more miles to go. And when I start cramping, it’s usually my abs, back or calves. None are fun. Around mile 7 my knee started to voice it’s opinion on continuing, but it’s thoughts were squished. After about a mile of complaining my knee gave in and just stopped hurting. Strange.

As soon as I got back, I stretched for a good 15 minutes. I have noticed that it takes a decent amount of time for my legs to recover after my long runs and I have a feeling that it’s because I’m just skipping out on the stretching all together. Everyone has always told me about the importance of stretching but I usually faked it. I’m really not a fan for some reason.

For breakfast, I was staring at the mountain of bread that I bought last night and was debating between these two guys:


Originally, I wanted to get some cinnamon bread, but instead these two caught my eye. PUMPKIN BREAD AND CARAMEL APPLE SAY WHAT?! The cinnamon bread was a no go and these guys found their way into my cart. I popped two slices of the pumpkin spice bread into the toaster and then ultimate laziness hit.

You run 9 miles in the morning, and funny, making some scrambled eggs just seems like too much work. I really needed some protein in this meal and eggs is usually the easiest thing to go with. WHELP. My lazy brain came up with an INGENIOUS idea! Microwavable Eggs! Seriously.

I filled a mug up with water, dropped an egg in it and threw it in the microwave for 2 minutes and BOOM! An over Hard Egg with very little clean up!! I just used a spoon to pick the egg up and plop him on my plate.

Look at the little guy:


It was so good too! The texture is different from a dropped egg because it doesn’t have those thin areas that you find when you boil the water first. It’s much more solid and hearty tasting. I’m already thinking about all of the fin things that I can do with this new discovery.

Eggs…in 2 minutes! Amazing.

Has your laziness ever turned into a new or better way to accomplish something??

Yup. Microwavable Eggs!