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Egg, Tomato and Chive Sandwich

Last night I had come up with this idea for breakfast and the fat kid inside me was so excited to whip it up. It is perfect for those days that you are running out the door and it is delicious! I was so excited to make this I forgot to toast my english muffin….which I would have.

I had seen a similar sandwich that had mayo, and fresh chives instead of the cream cheese chive flavored. I am not a huge fan of mayo at all and whenever I can I will substitute it out. I also don’t have fresh chives lying around all the time…soo born was this sandwich!


(It was really difficult to make this look as yummy as it tasted in a photo)


1 English Muffin (halved)                                     2 Slices of Tomato

1 Hard Boiled Egg, Sliced                                  1 Tablespoon No-Fat Chive Cream Cheese


1. On One half of your english muffin (toasted), stack your tomato and then your hard boiled egg slices. On the second half, smear your cream cheese.


2. Put the sandwich together and your are finished! Seriously….that easy.


Definitely mix it up with whatever you have in your kitchen…if you have fresh chives and plain cream cheese go with it. Of it you want to try the mayo and chive sandwich, that would be yummy too….just not as good for you (I think).

For the english muffin, I used a Honey Wheat double Fiber Thomas English Muffin, which are my favorite because they are a bit sweet and end up bringing their own little flavor into the mix. They are also low calorie and high fiber…exactly what you want.

Give it a try and let me know what you think! I’m off to a big meeting at an office in Melbourne, FL! Wish me luck!

Happy Eating!