Pizza Shops

Pizza is a staple of the American culture. Whether it be a big football game, a kids birthday party or a work function, pizza is usually the food to make an appearance. It is an easy, cheap option to feed a larger group of people, and it tastes unbelievably delicious. I even remember as a kid watching the ninja turtles eat that cheesy pizza in practically every episode. Even now, the memory of that cheesy pizza makes me want a slice.

But, with all of the variation on pizza out there, you have to imagine that some of those delectable slices have got to be better for you health wise than others. So here I just want to show you some of the differences between all of the major brands of pizza  and the next time you are deciding on what delivery company you are going with, you’ll have a bit more of an informed decision.

The pizza places I have gathered the info on are:

Cici’s Pizza


Hungry Howie’s

Little Caesar’s

Papa John’s

Pizza Hut


So in the interest of comparing all of these, I made a simple and easy comparison chart just to show how different these pizza places are. I decided to compare just the calories of a single slice of pizza knowing that the nutritional value of any of these pizzas really isn’t the greatest. In order to make an equal comparison, I tried to get the same size slice for each company and used the information for the hand-tossed pizza. There are obviously other options in these places that may be a bit better, such as thin crusted, but I wanted to line these up as equally as possible. So this is what I found:

Pizza Place By the Slice Comparison! (Cheese) Pepperoni Size
Cici’s Pizza 190 210 15″
Domino’s 335 330 Large (14″)
Hungry Howie’s 190 210 Large (14″)
Little Caesar’s 250 280 14″ Hot N Ready
Papa Gino’s 350 400 Large (14″)
Papa John’s 300 310 Large (14″)
Pizza Hut 320 330 14″
Sbarro’s 460 730 1 Slice

From this, it is really really easy to see where you can generally find the best options. Cici’s and Hungry Howie’s seems to do the least amount of damage calorically and will be a bit more forgiving when you go in for that second slice of pizza. Sbarro’s as everyone would have expected with those monster sized slices, really tops out the charts. Not to mention the fact that there is a Gourmet Cheese Pizza that will get you up to 660 calories with only one slice. Note to self, there are better options that Sbarro.

Let me know if there are any other places you think should be added!

**Nutritional Information gathered from each companies website, which is noted on each individual page.

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