Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs Nutrition

Oh the delicious Firehouse subs. Made by Firemen. My parents came down for a visit a while ago and I decided that I would take them to Firehouse subs. It is a huge franchise in the south, and just non-existant in the north. (Rumor has it that they are putting one on Boston soon!) Well they asked me what kind of sub place it was….and after thinking a while, the only thing that I could come up with was a DELICIOUS MAN SUB. If there is any other description that fits it better, let me know, but that’s all that popped into my head.

MY GO TO….without a doubt, is the Hook and Ladder.  And honestly, anyone who has ever been, has definitely given this a try. Well, as melt in your mouth yum as this is….it can be a bit rough….almost 700 calories for the medium. and just about half, are fat calories. YIKES.

My father went right for the meatball sub. Always a crowd pleaser for him. The medium, once again really hits the ceiling with caloric intake with 800 calories! And over half is fat calories!

I’m just going to go ahead and sum up the nutritional menu for you, without rambling, EVERYTHING ON THIS MENU IS ABOUT 600 CALORIES PLUS. Many options even breach the 1000 calories mark.

And when they ask you what size you want, medium will always be your answer (unless you are splitting it) because there isn’t any person that needs an 1100 calories sandwich, plus the chips, plus the fantastically endless options soda machine that they have!


There are really only a few ways to get this down to a manageable meal, without feeling like you sabotaged your entire workout session.

OPTION 1: Hold the Mayo and Cheese- As you can see, they do have that option on their nutritional menu, and it cuts a solid 300 calories in some cases. This will also drastically cut the fat calories, and really amp up the overall nutritional value for the sandwich.

OPTION 2: Just gotta have that mayo and cheese? Eat half of the sandwich. I have asked them to serve me one half and pack the other half to go. That way I don’t even see that half on my plate. The temptation is not staring you in the face and you can take the second half home for another delicious meal.

Sometimes Firehouse subs just has to happen. And there are ways to not feel guilty about it afterwards. Just look at what you are actually eating, and you will make MUCH smarter and healthier decisions.

Happy Eating!

**Nutritional Information obtained from

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