Ice Cream

It’s summer, so let’s be serious, we all need ice cream. Especially in the 100 degree Florida heat. We all know that ice cream really isn’t all that great for you, but some will do way more damage to your beach body that you’ve worked on for so long than others. I think the biggest hurdle for people with ice cream is portion size. I KNOW, this is a big issue for me. I get a taste of that ice cream and chances are that pint will be gone by the end up the night (let’s just say it’s always a pint and not a half gallon šŸ™‚ ).

But I’m such an Ice Cream junkie that I just can’t seem to help myself. One thing that I have found helpful, is to never have ice cream in the house. Otherwise, ice cream turns into my dinner. I wish I was kidding. Same thing goes with Oreos, no Oreos allowed in the house. They are just too addictive…weird that I named my dog Oreo??

So when I am dying for ice cream, I need to go out for it. I will go to Twistee Treat most of the time for some soft serve and bring the pups along with me. They love a good vanilla soft serve and it makes me second guess whether I REALLY want that ice cream.

When you are DYING for that ice cream, I have made a couple links for the nutritional information for these places:

Baskin Robins

Carvel Ice Cream

Cold Stone

Dairy Queen

Haagen Dazs

Pink Berry

Twistee Treat

Let me know if I missed any of the big ones!

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