Fast Food Places

Fast food places are EVERYWHERE, and they just seem to stare you in the face when you are starving and on the road. Seriously. Even when you aren’t hungry, there are just so many of them lining the streets that by the tenth one that you have passed, you are starting to think, “Yea, I could go for some fries.” It’s like the fast food joints are trying to wear you down to the point that you just give in.

Or maybe, they are all working together to put so many fast food joints out on the roads to cover up all of the healthy choices. Either way, they do a great job of making it more and more difficult to find something that is healthy while you are out on the road.  I am posting all of these fast food joints and their nutritional facts just so you can all look at exactly what you are eating. Chances are, the next time you are out on the road, you might just drive that extra mile to find something a little bit more nutritious than these franchises.

These are the ones that you will find the information on in the top tab:


Bob Evan’s

Boston Market

Burger King



Church’s Chicken

El Pollo Tropical

Kentucky Fried Chicken


Long John Silver’s


Panda Express


Taco Bell


**All nutritional information was found on the franchises’ websites and will be noted on each individual page.

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