Starbucks Nutrition

Fun Fact: Starbucks was named after the first mate of Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. Interesting right?? Maybe it was just for me because I’m a slight nerd.

Anyways, Starbucks has a fantastic, strong coffee bean flavor to almost everything that they have. You can’t really get out of there without paying 5 bucks for a single coffee, but sometimes, it really is worth it.

Nutritionally, there’s really not much that you get out of a cup of coffee, but there are a bunch of different things that can make your coffee, just a not so great choice. You really want to be concerned with the sugar intake with coffee. And Starbucks offers a lot of options that really makes that difficult. The other thing that you want to be concerned with is calories. Coffee naturally has ZERO CALORIES. Everything else that is added to your coffee is adding those calories up. So the less you add to it, the better off you are.

Some GREAT options:

Americano: Get this drink black, with some whipped cream on top. Normally I say no tot the whipped cream but in this case it is great. A friend of my turned me onto this and it truely was delicious. The whipped cream will sink down into the coffee giving it a creamy and sweeter flavor. It will also hold off on some of the big calorie and sugar culprits.

Cappuccino: If your going this direction, you really need to opt for the skim milk. And attempt to stick to a grande. If you need that extra boost of energy, ask for an additional shot of espresso. It will add that boost you need without the sugars and the calories.

Cafe Latte: These are my weakness. I am a die hard Mocha Latte kind of girl. My order, triple grande skinny mocha PLEASE! 288 Calories in my belly. YIKES. try going with a Caffe Latte instead and cut at least 150 calories. I’d say it worth it. All of these flavored Lattes are really going to add something to your diet, and it’s not something that you want.

Tea: Tea also has no calories. But when you make it a Chai, it’s a whole different story. You just upped it almost 300 calories. If you must, go skim milk and the smaller the better. These just aren’t that great for you.

Iced Coffee: These iced coffees, as you might assume, as identical calorically and sugarwise to their hot coutner parts. You order an iced version, you are just going to get more ice. And that’s about it.


The rule of thumb for coffee is always, the less you put in there, the better it is. 


THE FOOD- The food, bakery scones….whatever you want to call them. Is all just not good for you. They are delicious. But you should try making your own. You will have control of the portion size, the sugars and everything else that goes into them. each one of those scones is 400 calories plus. It’s not a great way to start your day. Sorry Starbucks, but Dunkin Donuts will have some great options for edibles that will give you that balanced meal you are looking for. High in protein and lower in carb.


Take a look at your favorite drink and I’m sure you will be surprised at what you are drinking on a daily basis. These calories count too, so make sure you take this into consideration!

Happy Eating!

** Nutritional Information was obtained though

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