Einstein Brothers


Einstein Brothers Nutrition


I am a big fan of Einstein’s. Normally when I eat there I get one of the Turkey Sandwiches on a flat everything bagel. The thing that you really need to be aware of when you are getting a sandwich here, is that the bagels, are unsurprisingly, high in calories. So I try to pick my favorite sandwich, the turkey in this case, and always get it on a flat bagel because you still get that great flavor but without all the calories.

They also have a ton of bakery items at Einstein’s. I am not a great big fan of getting bakery items out because I know that they really aren’t that great for you. If  I’m absolutely dying for one, I find someone to split it with. The cookies are extremely large and you really shouldn’t eat that big of a sweat along with such a high carb meal either. That way, if you split it, you still get your treat, but half the calories 🙂

Another fun fact, they have doggie treats at the counter as well. I love places that are dog friendly and actually have something for your pet there as well.

**Nutritional Information obtained from http://www.einsteinbros.com/sites/all/themes/einsteinbros/Einsteins_Nutritional_PDF.pdf

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