Coffee, Bagels and Donuts

Coffee Bagels and Donuts are the staples of everyones morning routine. Everyone loves that big ole cup of joe, whether it be hot, cold, mocha or vanilla bean. The problem with these, is that they can add a lot of sugar, carbs, fats and calories to your diet without you even knowing. So the best way to make sure you don’t do so is to make sure you know what your morning routine decisions are doing to kick off your day.

Coffee should have minimal calories and sugar in them. A cup of coffee without any additives will do nothing to you diet but maybe dehydrate you a bit. It’s all of the extras that we add that make that cup of coffee worse and worse for us. Especially all of the sugar that gets thrown into them! It’s madness!

Bagels…everyone loves a good toasted bagel with cream cheese. The varieties that are out there are unbelievable. And they smell so good in the morning. BUT, they are terrible! Let me lay it out there, bagels are just a big bundle of carbs and calories. You may not think that one bagel, with 350-400 calories (minus the topping) is too bad. Its the beginning of the day right? You will burn off all of the those calories throughout the day no problem. That’s not entirely true. You are putting a large brick essentially in your stomach that is going to take a long time for your body to digest, much longer than a protein based breakfast. This slow digestion is going to make you feel more tired and not give you the energy that you need during the day. It is also going to slow down your metabolism. Meaning every meal that you eat for the remainder of the day is going to metabolized at a slower rate. NOT what you want to be doing.

So if you are going for a bagel, make a a bagel thin, or take out the center of the bagel. You will cut a large amount of calories and you can still have america’s favorite breakfast.

Donuts…Donuts aren’t the enemy if you are going for a treat. It isn’t hard to find one that rounds out at about 200 calories. Think of it as a treat and not a daily snack and you are fine. Granted they aren’t great for you but every once in a while, just dazzle your taste buds and feel like a kid again biting into Dunkin Donuts best. Just know that this is dessert, its loaded with sugar and fats.

I have gathered together the nutritional information for all of our favorite donut shops just so you can all have a collection of where to find the best treats when you really need one. You can also find the best options for coffee. We all love our Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, but there are some rather large traps that they have set for you at those places. DON”T GIVE IN!

Dunkin Donuts

Einstein Brother’s Bagels

Krispy Kreme


**All nutritional information was found on the companies websites and will be cited on each page.

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