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Lessen The Pressure And Organize Your Wedding Planning

A little while ago Kevin approached me with a wedding related guest post and I was all on board because as you know…I’m smack dab in the middle of somehow trying to get everything to fall into place. It really seems like a daunting process when you start thinking about all of the different elements that need to be pulled together. But, Kevin has some great tips on how to start tackling this huge planning project. Enjoy!

Lessen The Pressure And Organize Your Wedding Planning

Weddings are something to look forward into. It is a celebration that must be carefully planned. And when you talk about planning, usually the stress also comes into play. How can you avoid feeling the negative vibes and maintain your positive disposition all throughout your wedding? In this post, we are going to learn how to organize your wedding planning to avoid be strained.


If you want to have a hassle free experience in your preparations for the wedding, here are some of the things that you must follow:

1. Make a list of the things you need to have for the wedding – Have a general idea of the things you will need to make your dream wedding come to life. Of course your wedding dress, the wedding cake, and the wedding rings need not to be mentioned here. Just talk with your partner and discuss with him all the detail you will require to make you matrimonial celebration successful.


2. Assign a specific time frame – Now that you are able to determine what you need, it’s time to allot a specific time frame on each of these important details. Say for instance, planning for you bridal gown should usually take about 5 months of planning before the wedding; motifs, decorations, venue should be planned at least 3 months before the big day; and so on. This is necessary so that you’ll be able to give your undivided attention to each of these details and you’ll be able to maintain your focus. Portioning your planning will enable you to keep your positive attitude and in turn will reap great results.


3. Know where to get the things that you need – Canvass on all the items you will need for the wedding ahead of time. Here are some of the recommended places where you can get your wedding essentials: Wedding gowns – The Green Guide (you can also get your entourage dresses from their website); Wedding invitations – The minted; Personalized wedding napkins – Wedding Star ; Wedding cake – any local bakery; Wedding rings – any independent jeweler (for a more personalized touch).

Organizing your wedding planning is the key to a healthy preparation and the way to get rid of stress from ruining your day. Hopefully you have learned something new from this post.

I Found the Gown!

Yesterday I went dress shopping for the first time and had set up a few appointments to get started. I went with my sisters Maggie and Colleen, my mom and my friend Kaela. We started the day at David’s Bridal in Natick. IMG_1124

It was really kind of a great place to start the search. When we walked in the door, they gave us a quick tour of the place and told us to start picking some dresses that we wanted to try on. After starting at the rows and rows of dresses and not knowing where to start, a woman came over to start helping up select a few. MUCH NEEDED. We were lost to say the least.

We looked through a magazine and dog eared a few of our favorites and the woman went to work grabbing the dresses. It wasn’t long until the dressing room was filled with options.



I had an idea of what shape I wanted when I went it. I was thinking a fitted bodice, with a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt. Obviously it needed to have something a little different about it. Exhibit A…the pictures above. We had gotten into the big full crazy skirts which was just really fun.

David’s Bridal gave us the direction that I wanted to go in. It was really helpful.

The appointment ended up running a half hour over what we originally planned…a total of two hours. Woof. Who knew this girl could be looking at dresses in a single shop for two hours. We were late for the second appointment at 1…so I called and rescheduled for 2 hoping to grab some eats in between.

After some Wild Willies salads, we stepped into our next appointment. I was a bit nervous about getting to this appointment because it happened to be a few blocks away from the Arsenal Mall in Watertown, where we all know the police had been stationed up during the lockdown on Friday. THANK GOD, they caught the guy responsible for the Marathon Bombing and that is absolutely not to say that these appointments would not have been rescheduled in a second in respect of what had happened. It was slightly ridiculous how life had gone right back to normal in the area. You never would have known by walking on the streets the madness of everything that went on on Friday.

Back to a happy note, the second stop we went to Vows in Watertown. Vows is an outlet style bridal shop. So dresses that were once samples for designers, are now sitting at Vows at a minimum of half off the original price. That also means there is only 1 of that dress in a single size. So they either have it…or they don’t. All of these can altered like any other dress.  You make recognize Vows from, I Found the Gown on TLC. They actually just finished filming a season a few weeks ago and are about to start another!

As we walked into the shop, they gave me 5 tickets with my name on them. You walked around the racks and racks for dresses, stuck your name in the sleeve on the dresses cover and handed it to one of the ladies working there. It was OVERWHELMING.

IMG_1170 IMG_1171 IMG_1168


It’s so hard to see what the dresses look like in the bags, which really doesn’t make it any easier. After 20 minutes of walking around the place in slight confusion, I stepped in to try some of the picks.



Enough puffiness?!

I tried on one dress here, and the girl helping us, Sammy said, if you like this cut…I have a better one.

I tried that dress on…and there wasn’t a single thing bad about it. It was beautiful. After drooling over this dress for a while, I tried on a few more, some different cuts, styles etc. But eventually we went right back to the original dress.

The thing that made the decision hard was that this WAS an outlet. You can’t order this dress and if you want it…you need to buy it. Or else…someone else will. I had a 3rd appointment set up for 3…and we had already missed that. This was only the second place that I looked at…but I couldn’t think of anything else I would have changed.

After staring at it for another 20 minutes…I made the decision that THIS was the dress! Easiest wedding dress shopping ever! I have to say, I wouldn’t have found it without Sammy. She was phenomenal. Incredibly helpful, offered her opinion on things but wasn’t too much. She was really fantastic to work with.

I still can’t believe it’s done…but every time I look at pictures of it…it just makes me smile. I know I picked the right one.

There were a TON of other shops that I had on the list of places to take a look at, and just in case you are in the market in the Boston area:

  • La Reine: Waltham, MA : This is actually where my appointment was that we missed. My aunt and cousin both found their dresses here. It’s a little hole in the wall but apparently has some gorgeous gowns.
  • Bride’s Choice: Waltham, MA : I know two people that have had great success at this bridal shop as well.
  • Vera Wang: Newbury Street Boston, Ma
  • L’elite Bridal: Newbury Street Boston, MA
  • Allegria Bridal: Belmont, MA
  • Special Event Bridal Shoppe: Marlborough, MA
  • Anna Nieman Bridal Couture: Newton, MA
  • Madeline’s Daughter: Portsmouth, NH :A friend of mine bought her dress here and she loved the service that she received here as well. She had fantastic things to say, and this was definitely on my list.
  • Aria Bridal: North Attleboro, MA This is where my friend Christy bought her wedding dress from the wedding last summer that I was in. It was a beautiful dress.

Christy Wedding



Yay for checking another thing off the list!!

Next thing we are working on is finding a photographer!

Are you a quick shopper when it comes to making big purchases or do you like to look at ALL of your options??

Clearly….I find what I like and I go for it!!!!

Fantastically Fun Christmas!!

This Christmas has been a bit of a crazy one for a whole bunch of reasons.

Reason Number 1:

We moved to Boston!! I don’t know if anyone caught on but the, reorganizing and slimming down of everything was because everything needed to fit into Brent’s truck, my car and our little 6 by 12 trailer. Seeing that I had a house and Brent had his apartment, it was near impossible that everything was going to fit. Not to mention, Bacon, Oreo and Hunter had to fit into there as well. WOOF. After selling a whole bunch of furniture, throwing out an absurd amount of just stuff, and baking my face off for 3 weeks, we managed to fit everything….barely. Even the Hunter:


As soon as we arrived, we slept like no other, and then jumped back in the car for Christmas Eve in New Jersey. Stayed there for the day…and drove right back to Mass. It wasn’t too much driving…just 20 hours from Orlando to Boston and 3 and half hours to NJ and back…casual.

Christmas Day started off pretty typical for the clan. There is 7 of us…and with Brent..8. So there’s never a shortage of excitement.


It was particularly fun because it was the first Christmas morning that someone outside of our immediate family joined us. We all sipped on our coffees, and started ripping into presents. The gift wrapping award went to Maggie, with her gift for Papa C:


I bet you have NO IDEA what that is…

Oreo was curled up in a little ball under my chair just taking it all in…she’s not really used to so many people all the time.


After gifts were opened and we were all ready for some Christmas morning Egg Nog Waffles…Brent had mentioned that we may have forgotten a gift in the car from our long trip. I disagreed. Brent said, “Nope, I think we did.” I disagreed again. And finally Brent just said…”JUST GO OUTSIDE”

Which brings me to…

Reason Number 2:

We are Engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I went outside, Brent had written in the snow on our cars, “WILL YOU MARRY ME??”


I think I may have repeated something like, “Stop it, this isn’t real” over and over again. And then said yes. 🙂


Christmas then included…champagne,


Me slipping the ring into as many photos as possible:



Yes…this picture makes me wish I had gotten that manicure I’ve been wanting for the past few weeks.

And of course…Egg Nog Waffles:


It was succcccch a fun Christmas and I don’t think I will ever forget it. After all, we’ve got a wedding to plan!!

Since Christmas, it’s been phone calls with my friends and family, unpacking my life from Florida and starting to plan the wedding! It’s definitely not going to get boring anytime soon!!