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Great Road Trip Food

This past week, I went for a longer vacation up to Boston to visit my family and to also be a part of my friends wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and a perfect vacation. The only thing that makes this such a daunting trip, is the drive. Yes, I drove from Orlando, FL to Boston, MA. It’s not exactly a short trip and making it with two dogs and a cat just makes it an even bigger trip!

In preparation for the trip, I was trying to come up with some great foods that are portable, would clear out your fridge of all of the things that would go bad, and also help you stay healthy along the way. With so many terrible fast food restaurants out on the road, it makes it really hard to find something that isn’t going to sit in your stomach like a greasy brick.

So here is what I came up with!

1. Hard Boiled Eggs: These ended up being me and Brent’s favorite snack. It was perfect to just munch on and filled you up fairly quickly. They are also high protein and low calorie, so you don’t have to worry about these sitting in your stomach too long or making your feel uncomfortable. By hard boiling them you also can make sure those guys don’t go bad in the fridge while you are away. Yes, eggs have expiration dates, which they have now started to print on the eggs! Whooo

2. Fruit Roll Up: I took my left over strawberries that were for sure going to rot in the fridge while I was away and turned them into something that was fantastic to snack on, packed with flavor, and great for the road. You don’t have to worry about your fruits going bad on you and it is extremely easy to do. (The recipe for this will be posted this week)

3. Banana Apple Streusel Muffins: These muffins were delicious. They travel really well, and were a perfect breakfast on the road. You can take care of the bananas that you have turning brown on you, or use up the ones we all have in the freezer. They also make a great gift for when you arrive. (Recipe will be posted this week)

4. Banana Blueberry Muffins: I went a little muffin crazy, because I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to make. These were a lighter muffin than the Apple Streusel because I used wheat flour in the previous batch. But these are just another example of how you can get rid of some of your fruits that will go bad and turn them into a gift and a perfect snack or breakfast. (Recipe will be posted this week)

5. Pepper and Cheddar Cheese Pasta Salad: When I came up with this idea, I was looking for something that was going to suit well for dinner without needing to be heated up. A pasta salad travels extremely well and tastes great cold or at room temperature. (Recipe will be posted this week)

6. Apples and Peanut Butter: Although this isn’t terribly complicated, I just chopped up some apples into slices and brought a little tub of peanut butter. As we were driving, this was our snack at 4 AM and it was perfect. The apples were still cold and woke us right back up and gave us the energy to finish out the trip. They were extremely refreshing and would highly recommend this on your next trip.

– Another take one the apples and peanut butter is sliced green peppers and Hummus. This is another thing that would be great to munch on on the road, but you run into the need to keep things cold there.

Each of these foods was great to have on the road for its own reason. We obviously needed to have Breakfast, lunch and dinner available so this is just what I thought would fit in well with our travels.

For drinks: I strongly recommend the Tazo Tea. It is lightly sweetened and gives you a great pick me up right when you need it without getting the awful crash that comes with a lot of coffee or high sugar drinks.

WATER: You are definitely going to need water. A trick is to freeze your water the night before because then it will not only act as a refreshing drink but also a freezer pack to keep your food cold. I did this with 2 liter bottles and it was still frozen 24 hours later. The food was still cold, but we needed to grab some more water on the way. So try a 1 liter bottle instead 🙂

I also found some Tupperware at Target that allowed you to snap a cooler pack into the lid of the Tupperware. All you do is freeze that pack the night before and throw it in the container right before you leave. It worked fantastically.

Try not to load up on energy drinks early in the trip because you WILL CRASH and it will make driving later in the day much harder. Have your coffee and energy drinks only when you need them and you should make it the whole way.

And my little secret weapon and new love….My Cooler Bag! I packed everything into this guy and it stayed cold the entire way to Boston. I was never expecting that. I just got it the weekend before for 30 bucks at Dillards, and they have a whole bunch of other patterns.

I love love love it. It’s perfect to bring to the beach with some beers or cocktails in it. The only downside is, Brent doesn’t really like carrying a pink bag around. BUT, if I throw some beer in it, he’ll take the ego hit.

Anyways, the trip to Boston and the wedding were unbelievable. I just can’t believe it’s over. So stay tuned for a bunch of the recipes for the food that I brought on the trip, and a few things that I picked up in Boston!

Happy Eating!

Grains, Spices and Nuts

When you are going through the supermarket I know that many people just seem to go right past these handy little dispensers. But inside of these guys are not just extremely health nuts, grains and additives for your food, but ALSO a penny saver. You can find many of these items already packaged up on the shelves just adjacent to these products, but you will pay for them to be packaged. So the next time that you waltzing by these, just stop and take a look at what there is to offer because you may just save a few bucks.



Another great reason to take advantage of these dispensers is the obvious, you can allot the perfect amount for whatever you are cooking. You won’t have to pay for 8 ounces of something that you only need a tablespoon for. 


This especially goes for spices. At whole foods, you can find a well of dispensers for spices. When you spend 5 dollars on a spice that you only sprinkle over you food and then put in your cabinet for the next year, this would be a great alternative. Especially when you consider the fact that everyone is supposed to clean out their spice cabinet every year to keep them all fresh. YIKES!

Easy Supermarket Shopping

Usually when I go food shopping I have all these great ideas of what I want to make and I end walking around grabbing a whole bunch of nothing. Because when I get home I realize that I just spent 100 bucks and I don’t have a full meal in front of me. It’s really quite depressing.

A few things that have gotten me away from this is making sure that I know what I want and what I need before I show up. I’ve got the meals that I want to make that week in hand and then a list of the essentials that I need to refill (eggs, milk, etc). It sounds a bit tedious, especially for the chronically disorganized like me.

Here are just a couple of pointers to keep in mind when you are walking through the store making decisions. You want to make sure that you are staying to the outside of the store. This is where you find the proteins, the fruits, vegetables, millk and eggs. All of the big staples of a good diet. Of course, in the aisles, there are a few things that you are going to have to grab, but the majority of what makes it into the cart should always be from the outside of the store.

You should also stay away from the bakery. I know that sounds fairly obvious, but this is including the muffins, cookies and anything else you can justify in your head. Everything in there is either terrible or awful for you. Instead of indulging here, just make some cookies and throw them in a jar. The number of calories that you will save will be in the hundreds.

The frozen food secion is another that you might want to avoid. The frozen veggies and everything are great for a quick heat ’em up, but the prices that you will pay for prepaid meals are up there. You are better off making a little extras when you are cooking and throwing it in the freezer for a quick meal. Anything that they are freezing, you can freeze too.

Lastly, try to stay away from the snacks. I know it’s hard but the amount of sugar in that aisle can do you no good. When it comes to snacking, I am all about the sweet and the salty but portion size and balance is the key. There will be a lot more addressing snacking habits and the best ways to do so without just sticking to carrots and hummus.


My new found passion of cooking has me continuously searching for new ideas to get your taste buds dancing, while keeping money in the wallet and being practical time wise. I am constantly on the move and rarely have significant lengths of time to dedicate to preparing a meal (or it could just be impatience). So Rachel Ray’s 30 minutes or less is a MUST.

I also work with newly diagnosed diabetics to help them control their blood sugars with diet and exercise, which is something that I am always trying new things to shake up the routine personally. I hope that you can take away a few tricks to make it easier to be healthy in a quick and cheap way.