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Friday Favorites

I’ve recently come across some super crazy and fun products…and figured I’d share some with you! Enjoy!

1. The Selfie Toaster. Ever wanted to put your face on your morning toast?! Whelp…it’s now possible!

They have some other impressions that you can get on your toast, and I am loving the little coffee cup 🙂 This just makes me laugh. Maybe I would get a picture of Oreo on my toast??

2. Running Drawing: A friend of mine showed me this tumbler account and I couldn’t stop laughing. This girl uses her Nike+ to map her runs and draws while she runs.

It made me want to draw something on my runs, but I spent wayyy too much time trying to figure out what the streets around my house could be. The best I came up with was a weird looking whale-fish.

3. The Spiralizer– I recently went shopping with my mom and I mentioned how I really wanted to try this handy tool because Brent and I LOVE spaghetti squash, but how many times a week can you have spaghetti squash?? The spiralizer allows you to turn any veggie into pasta. How awesome is that??!


I have used it a few times and can’t seem to get enough of it. I made a butternut squash noodle for some chicken teriyaki this week that was just amazing.

4. Travelling: In the past few weekends I have been all over the place and I am just loving being busy and traveling around. I visited Nashville for the first time and it just may be my new favorite city. There is live country music playing everywhere and the vibe is just so relaxed and fun.


5. 26 SnapChats from your Dog…Yes…Hilarious.

What is making your Friday?

Things I’m Loving!

I’ve started to come to the realization that the summer is half over and I don’t really feel like I’ve taken FULL advantage of the amazing weather we are having. Besides dying to BBQ just about every meal and do everything I possibly can outside, I’ve realized that I want to make sure I look back on the summer knowing it was a great summer. Just break monotony a bit, and have a TON of fun. It’s way too easy to forget that.

In the spirit of keeping it fun, this is just a quick list of Friday Favorites and what I’m loving right now 🙂

1. Training: Recently I’ve been starting to train for my 3rd and 4th half marathons. i did this same Zoom Half Marathon last year and missed the two hour mark by a whopping 2 minutes. It was a real bummer and I am determined to complete that goal this year. I actually stepped out yesterday for a run and didn’t stand to check the mirror. When I got outside, I realized I looked like a highlighter gone wrong. So, naturally I tried to snap a selfie…and got caught, which just made me feel even more ridiculous.


2. Travelling: The beginning of the summer started with our amazing wedding and 2 weeks of travel to the Bahamas and Las Vegas. After coming back from those trips, I’ve gotten to Seattle, Cape Cod and Northern New Jersey. But things have started to settle down…at least in my mind and I’ve been dying to start planning some more trips. Not to worry, Michigan is only around the corner, and then the traditional Mt Washington Summit! I’m really looking forward to it!

3. I’m always on the look out for cute workout gear, because sometimes all you need to get your butt out the door and to the gym is a nice new outfit. Seriously. It’s also great to hang around the house in and run some quick errands.  Anyways, I’m absolutely LOVING the Heidi Klum New Balance Collection. I think she just nails it.

4. I don’t know if you caught on from last week’s post, Ulta Crazy, but I’m really loving  some of those beauty vlogs on YouTube. I’ve been following Fleur on instagram for a little while and just started watching her videos. It may just be her english accent that has me completely captivated.

5. Barbecuing. I just can’t get enough of being outside in this weather.

6. New Eats: Today, I went with my brother to a new Venezuelan restaurant for lunch and it was just incredible. It’s so fun to try new cuisine and we weren’t let down. It was a real hole in the wall place but it blew us away.

photo-5 Venezuelan


7. Puppies: I get it….everyone is obsessed with their dogs but can you blame me?? They are just adorable 🙂



Happy Friday!!


What is making your Friday the best??

Things that I’m Loving

I know I have seen this on blogs before, but I’m really kind of loving the idea of it. So, I decided to give it a go on Sizzle Eats, Like every other person, I have fads that really get me excited in the morning and this is just a great way to share them.


1. Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series. Last time I was traveling, I picked up a Lee Child book, A Wanted Man and couldn’t put it down. I am a big fan of criminal investigation books and it’s fairly typical of them to have a few pages in there that you just have to get through. A Wanted Man started from the beginning and it was excitement all the way through. It took me hours to finish reading it before I wanted to go out and pick up another one.



2. I don’t know if this is because I was in Orlando for two years or if it is just a particularly colorful fall but I can’t help noticing how incredible the fall colors are this year. Just absolutely breathe taking, especially at sunrise and sunset.



3. Nightshade. Usually when I’m picking nail colors, it’s bright, obnoxious pink, a light completely professional pink, or black. But, last week I went on a search in CVS for a dark navy blue, which was really difficult to find. Most of them had a crazy amount of sparkles in them.



4. Flavored sparkling water is such a nice substitute when you want something other than regular water. It also fills me up a bit when I’m just trying to make it to the next meal.


5. ZOMBIES! RUN! Haha. I heard about this App a during the Zooma Half Marathon and just had to give it a try. It is an App that you play while you run and it puts you in the middle of a video game. You are  a person that crash landed in a land with zombies everywhere. You mission is to run and pick up supplies on your way back to camp without getting caught by the zombies. Every once in a while, the zombies will get close to you and you have to speed up your running for a little while to get away from them.

Through the app you can also play your music so the story line comes in and out of your music. It keeps me really entertained while I’m running. If you get bored easily while running, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

What are you loving this week??