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Yesterday AM, I woke up and made myself a ham and cheese omelet and headed out the door for a busy day. I had a meeting in Quincy that I had to get over to and a few more stops to make on the way.



For the lunch meeting, I brought a spread from Chili’s and ordered myself a salad that was recommended by the waitress. As she was describing it I thought it had potential…but I don’t think I realized that there was an entire quesadilla on the top of it.


I didn’t have any of the dressing because I really didn’t think that it needed it. But definitely a tasty little salad.

I originally had plans to head over to a Hip Hop Yoga studio in Boston to work out with a friend, but I messed up on the time and we ended up having to reschedule. Instead, Brent wanted to head out for dinner. So, we actually ended up going to the same place that we went on Valentine’s Day, Ginjo.


I didn’t end up writing anything on the date, but it was really fun. Instead of hitting up the Hibachi grill and ordering a scorpion bowl, we settled fro some sushi. Well…not really settled.

Brent ordered up some calamari to start and I started with some Miso Soup. I love that stuff. The calamari I have to say, was one of the best I have ever had. It was lightly breaded but still had a great flavor.

DSC00040 DSC00043


Yummy. For sushi, I was trying to stay somewhat healthy and ordered the Caterpillar Roll, which was eel and cream cheese wrapped in avocado. The little guy REALLY looked like a caterpillar!!



I’m not really sure which two Brent opted for, but the plate looked pretty impressive. It was also delicious!



They were also phenomenal. I love when the plates look like mini pieces of art that you get to EAT.

Just after we too our first bite of our meals, the waitress came over and placed a plate of two Sashimi in front of us. She said it was a special from the chef and it was called the “DRAGON BOMB.” Slightly scary name but I have to say, it was one of the best sushi bites I’ve had.



Lightly sears tuna with a spicy sauce on top. The chef ended up coming over to us after we finished our meal and I asked him what the name of the roll was again because I couldn’t quite remember and he just threw his hands up and said it had no name. It was a special roll. 🙂

Well, they should put this roll on the menu because it was a winner.

DSC00034 DSC00036

Happy Elves filled with sushi.

The hibachi grill was also a great time for Valentine’s Day.

Yoga is going to have to wait until next week, but I also have a few places booked for Saturday to look at WEDDING DRESSES! Should be interesting!

Have you ever gotten to try something off menu??



Two Left Feet

I don’t know if this is just me, but whenever I go shoe shopping and find those perfect pair that I’m really excited about. I bring those darlings to the check out counter and the clerk usually take them out of the box, checks the sizes, checks the feet and puts them back in the box to ring them up. At that moment when they are fishing through the box of shoes, I usually get slightly annoyed thinking, “What you think I stashed something in there??” or “You really think I tried them on and have two left feet??” or “I’m trying to mess with your inventory and get two different sizes out the door here?? WELL. I will no longer get annoyed at that moment.

I went shopping on one of my trips to New Orleans, and picked up a great pair of shoes on sale. I went to slip those babies on yesterday when I realized, I travelled 1200 miles with two left feet.



What…am I going to do with these…

Soooo…if anyone has two of the opposite foot in a size 8, in this shoe…I’ll trade you!!

So unfortunate.

Yesterday also started my, let’s get serious about this easting healthy for your wedding deal. I started my day off with some Raisin Spice oatmeal topped off with sliced banana.



After munching down breakfast, my day took me to the Fall River area, where FUN FACT: Emeril Lagasse is from. I stopped into a few client’s offices and swung back to my favorite bakery in the area, The New Boston Bakery.

It’s a cute little bakery that has everything from sandwiches, to soup and salad, to yummy bakery items. I picked up some treats for my next meeting and ordered one of the best salads I’ve ever had. This salad made me glad there wasn’t any bread around to ruin it.



It was so good that I didn’t even put the poppy seed dressing on it. The salad was filled with fresh mango slices, strawberries, onion, goat cheese, and pecans. I asked that it be topped with some tuna salad for some protein. Yummy.


After meeting up with a coworker, I headed home and took the rugrats out on a 2 mile run. I hadn’t run outside in a while, and with the weather begin so nice, it was time. Bacon is great for some longer runs, but I wasn’t sure about Oreo. I was wrong. She out ran me. The wind was blowing leaves down the street at us, and Oreo looked like she was playing a video game running side to side down the street pinning every leaf to the ground. HILARIOUS.

Dogs and I, were exhausted.




Have you ever done something that makes you regret getting annoyed??



The Boston Marathon

Yesterday, I had gotten home from work and was about to write up a post about my weekend when I a friends of mine called to tell me about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. For the rest of the afternoon and into the evening I stared in disbelief at the new reports and awful events that were unfolding.

The Boston Marathon has always been an extremely happy event on Patriot’s Day here in Boston. As with just about every other person growing up in there area, The Boston Marathon was a day that people came out to cheer on people achieving a goal that many of us couldn’t even dream of. To watch someone accomplish the 26.2 miles and just be a part of the crowd cheering them on was such a special occasion.

My family usually watching in Wellsley or met up with some other family right at the beginning of the race in Hopkinton. We would watch everyone run by with such energy as they started on the first few miles to reach their goal. Each year that I saw these people trot by, it inspired me to want to run in the race. After running a half marathon, it truly puts into perspective what 26.2 really means.

After the events yesterday, my thoughts go out to the Martin family, who’s father was running in the marathon. Shortly after congratulating the father for crossing the finish line, their 8 year old son, Richard returned to his mother and sister when the blast went off, injuring his mother and sister and killing Richard.

We are thankful for all of the people that were present and returned home safely. President Obama is correct, Boston is a resilient town and will come together to get through this.


Bob’s Big Breakfast

This weekend, Brent and I went to my FAVORITE breakfast place of all time. I have been going to Bob’s ever since I could drive. My friends and I from high school would go over before school, after school, on the weekends. Whenever we got the chance.

When I was in college, I would meet up with some friends for our “Breakfast Club” every time we were home from school. We loved every second of it. Fantastic food and just a great little atmosphere. I have brought just about every one of my friends that has been to visit to this place, because I love it so much.


Now, it isn’t anything fancy at all. In fact, I encourage you to roll out of bed in your sweatpants and plop down at one of their tables. It’s got a feeling of sitting in your own home, or a friends house just to hang out and have some good food. They’ve got pictures on the wall of the people from the town, little notes all over the walls, and just an inviting atmosphere.


It is really just a small house that they have turned into a restaurant. Just three small rooms (the picture above is showing the entire wall there) and friendly people.

The other reason, and main reason we loved it was for Bob’s big breakfast. It is AMAZING.


I remember it so clearly, it used to be 5.55 for all of that food. It was a STEAL! Four of us would go to Bob’s and be handed a bill for 24 dollars when our table wasn’t even big enough to handle all of the plates. Since then, it moved to 5.95 when I was in college, then 6.15 for a year or two. Jumped to 6.95 and now a whopping 7.55.

But I still stand and say, it is my favorite place to go for breakfast. I enjoyed a cup of coffee while we looked over the menu…not that Brent really had to…Bob’s Big Breakfast for him. I ended up changing it up a bit and getting a veggie omelet. Unfortunately…I don’t have the metabolism that I once did and can’t afford to eat 1 of everything on the menu anymore 😦

IMG_1626 IMG_1630

Brent dove into his plate of pancakes first…and I may of may not have stolen a bite or two…or three.


I LOVE this place…and Brent isn’t going to argue with going there ever.


After finishing up, we headed out to run some errands. One of them took us to Walmart, where I stumbled into this gem:


A Bee Pollen supplement. I have NEVER seen this anywhere and was really curious why anyone would take a Bee Pollen supplement…general health?? It wasn’t listed on the back and the only thing that I could think of was allergies. To help with allergies?? I have no idea.


Do you have a favorite restaurant?? Why is it your go-to place??

A Herniated Disk and the Gun Range

This weekend Brent finally convinced me to go to a gun class. He signed the both of us up for the safety certification class on Friday, which was 4 hours long. I have to say, I wasn’t all that excited because to be honest, guns scare the crap out of me. Brent loves them. He grew up around them and he just eats up everything that has to do with it. Me, you can drop me off at a mall and I will be entertained for a while. Brent, drop him off at Bass Pro Shops and the man will send hours upon hours just walking around the place. It doesn’t really help that the Bass Pro Shop in Foxboro has a bar inside of it.

A few weeks ago, Maggie and I wanted to stop at Victoria’s Secret for their semi-annual sale and Brent was at Bass Pro Shop for almost 3 hours. The sweet guy that he is, he bought me a beer bottle coozie.


Anyways, you get the point. So, Friday night we sat through the 4 hour class and learned about guns. How they work, how to store them, how to disarm them, how to apply for one and how to shoot one. It was actually really informational and slightly eased my terrifiedness of them. After learning about them for a while and practicing with some fake ones, they brought us into the range to give some real ones a go. I took a quick picture while I was standing in the range waiting, and I felt like a complete nerd because I not only looked like one, I was caught.

Gun Range

Brent was already shooting his revolver and semi-automatic. They had instructors standing there with you just to make sure you weren’t going to accidentally shoot yourself or anyone else.


All good things.

You ended up shooting about 20 rounds and then went back to your seat. I didn’t do too badly. I was extremely consistent, but I kept hitting the bottom left corner of the box we were aiming at. I took a picture of the target paper but it’s on Brent’s phone. I really didn’t do too badly for the first time shooting at a target. I was really consistent, so they were thinking the sights might have been off.

The Oreo:

On Sunday morning, I woke up to Oreo jumping off my bed, which is about 2 feet high, and spinning around in pain. She was biting at her bum so I naturally thought she had to go out. I let her out and she immediately went to the bathroom then curled up in a ball under a tree. I called her back inside and she just sauntered back in and curled up in a ball with her head on my leg. She was being unbelievably clingy and if you have a dog, you know that’s the first sign that something is wrong and they don’t feel well.

I picked up her and carried her downstairs where Brent is sleeping and woke him up with a hurt Oreo. He brought her back outside because at his point she was salivating at a crazy rate. Her entire mouth was soaking wet. She immediately went over to a tree and curled up in a ball. And if you have ever watched Marley and Me, you KNOW this is never good.

We ended up calling a 24/7 emergency vet and they gave us the address to a closer one. After waiting for 45 minutes or so, the vet did a quick exam and came to the conclusion that she herniated a disk. Painful. We brought her back home under strict instructions to keep her as immobile as possible. No long walks, no stairs, no jumping, no playing. Just sleep. I thought we were going to have to put her in her crate for hours but the poor thing has no interest in anything but sleep.


The poor thing. We have her on pain medication, which seems to help a ton. I’m such a sucker though…I’ve been trying to make things as easy as possible. She doesn’t really want to eat but she has to in order to take her meds so I sat there and fed her the food one by one. I have also just pushed her food right up to her little bed and let her munch in the laziest of positions.



Yesterday she was definitely much better than Day 1. Today, I would say she is around the same as yesterday. A bit more active but still in a bunch of pain. I have heard that herniating a disk isn’t that uncommon in smaller dogs. It just usually happens when they are a bit older…not 2. It makes me nervous that she is looking forward to many more of these episodes. 😦

They all make fun of me because I’m slightly babying her…but someone’s got to do it!!

Last night I also came up with a Clockwork Ab workout to share with you. I had Maggie do it with me at the gym and she loved it. There are no crunches and it will really get you!

Are you the type that babies your sick ones or are you the “Meh, give her the meds and she’s fine!” ??