Let the Sizzle Wars Begin!

I’m actually really excited to announce the beginning of the FIRST OFFICIAL SIZZLE WARS! Sizzle Wars is a monthly recipe competition hosted here! On Sizzle Eats. Cooking and baking competitions are becoming more and more popular on reality TV and in the spirit of loving these cooking competitions, Sizzle Wars is going to open these […]

Post Thanksgiving Activities

This weekend has been absolutely nuts. For Thanksgiving, Brent and I headed to Naples to visit with his family. It was much more low key than I am used to with my large family, but it was still really nice to celebrate with them. Brent’s father made us some waffles in the morning that were […]

An Early Thanksgiving and Minado

This weekend I headed to Boston to hang out with the fam and enjoy an early Thanksgiving. Brent and I are heading to his parents house tomorrow to celebrate so we squeezed in a little visit with my family over the weekend. We had attempted to book a flight that left at 9AM on Saturday, […]

Plans Foiled Again

I feel like every time I mention that I’m planning on making something for dinner, or for lunch, something happens and I end up not making what I said I was going to. Yesterday for lunch, I thought I was clever in coming up with this lovely little lunch that was going to be whipped […]

Running Intimidation

This morning I had the complete intention of going out for my long run of the week. After hitting the 9 mile mark last week…it was time to up the ante and go for some double digits. I had mentioned the fact that I was due for a 10 miler to Brent, his eyes jumped out of his […]