Just last week, I was contacted by Chairish to design a Bar space that was inspired by some of their bar stools. Initially, I was excited at the opportunity to get a bit creative and create a dream bar room, but quickly realized that designing rooms from scratch really isn’t the easiest thing. Especially when it’s not something I do on the norm.

Either way, when I first looked at their bar stools, this yellow bar stool really jumped out at me. I love bright and happy colors.


When moving on from there, I decided to tone down the modern feel of them and bring out more of an outdoors, rustic feel. More my taste. So, when you throw it all together…this is what I came up with!


Chairish Collage

I also loved these two pieces as accents:

Chairish Collage 2

Just to dive into it a little, I found the table here and absolutely loved the natural wood look of it. They do have a bar height to work well with the yellow chairs. I then spotted the blue mason jar hanging lights and that was the deciding factor for me.

Chairish Collage 3

As a larger, storage piece for barware, bottles etc, this larger chest would do the trick. As well as this incredible, leather strap wine holder. I just LOVED the leather strap detail. The tall, vintage pots also added a nice country feel. I love that kind of pottery.

Chairish Collage 4

Lastly, for some smaller items and to tie the room together, I added some glassware as well as cow hide rug. It’s not everyone’s taste but I love them for some reason. Not to forget the walls, these burst wall hangings just added another piece of texture to the room.

Chairish Collage 5

All of the pieces, except for the bar table, were found on It was quite fun looking through everything that had on their site. You can really find some interesting pieces that span just about any taste.

I had fun designing this bar room and I think it would be interesting to see what it would look like all set up.

How would you describe your taste and what would your ideal bar room look like?

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