The Summer Reading List

The summer weather always makes me want to sit outside with an ice cold glass of wine and a good book. It really doesn’t matter to me if it is on a beach, on my porch or just in the back yard. I just want to be outside…even if one of my hands needs to be throwing a tennis ball to Bacon and Oreo. 🙂



With that, this is a list of the books that I’ve got by the ready to read this summer. I’ve already started a few of them…and just need to get to the juicy ends.

1. Numero Uno is definitely by my all tame favorite author, Janet Evanovich, Top Secret Twenty One. Her books are always so much fun to read and a perfect flight read for the summer.

2. One Day by David Nicholls: I’ve already started this one, and it’s a great story of two people over 20 years in which each chapter jumps to the next year.

3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: I have heard great things about the book and really feel like this just needs to make the list. We’ve all seen the trailers for the movie, but I’m not sure I have the desire to see the movie.

4. Wedding Night by Sophi Kinsella: A story of a couple who’s trip down the aisle turns into a night never to forget. And a reason to gush over some more wedding stuff since ours is sadly over.

5. A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams: It just screams dramatic summer read for the beach!

6. Gone Girl by Gilligan Flynn: NO! I haven’t read it yet! I bought it a while ago on my Nook and haven’t gotten around to reading it. But I LOVED Sharp Objects, which means this just has to hit the list this summer.

7. Cutting Teeth by Julia Fierro: This made the list of Top 30 Need to Read Books by the Huffington Post and is set over a weekend at a beach house. Done and Done.

8. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak: The movie looked amazing and I won’t let myself watch the movie until I read the book. I’m a strong believer that the book is alway better than the movies.

9. Uganda Be Kidding Me by Chelsea Handler: I mean…how funny is she?! I’ve read Hello Vodka, Are you There? It’s Me Chelsea and she had me laughing out loud. Sounds perfect for a light summer read.

10. Never Go Back by Lee Child: I really like the Jack Reacher books and have read two already and I have already started this one. However, I really just need to dive back into it before I forget the beginning!


What are your favorite summer reads?? Any Recommendations??!


6 thoughts on “The Summer Reading List

  1. Lauren

    I loved One Day, but let me know what you think once you’re done. Gone Girl is amazing, you will love it.



    One day was a lovely read, thanks for the tips on the rest of your reading list, if you haven’t already read them A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry and White Tiger by Aravind Adiga are both really good if you like books about different cultures, these are both set in India,

    1. Sizzle Food Post author

      I haven’t read those! I’ll have to add them to the list! I’m always looking for good recommendations 🙂 Thanks!


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