Mackinac Island

Let’s talk about it.

AMAZING. (Lots of pictures to follow)

The best way to describe it is to compare it to Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard…but it doesn’t really do it justice. Ever since Brent and I had started dating, he had been talking about Michigan and going up to Mackinac Island. It was really easy to see that Michigan meant a lot to him and Mackinac was his favorite vacation place. I honestly was thinking that it was just going to be an island where you sit on a pretty beach and call it a day. WRONG.

The only way to get to the island is by ferry. Unless it is the middle of the winter and you can take a snow mobile across. For real. It was a 3 hour drive for us to get to Mackinac City, where we hopped on the ferry for the 20 minute ride.



The ride takes you across the lakes and by Mackinac Bridge, which connects to the UP…or the hangnail of Michigan 🙂

When we first pulled up to the island, the first thing you notice is the absurd number of bikes lining just about everywhere.

WHY?? There are NO CARS on the island. The only modes of transportation at bikes, horse drawn carriages or your own two feet. It’s really kind of a cool feel to island. It’s noticeably more quite. There are no hums of motors, honking, cars starting up, trolleys. NOTHING. Bikes and horses.

You never have to worry about parking. Mackinac Island is also known for their fudge. And you can’t really miss that when you are walking down the street. The smell of fudge just greets your everywhere. Just about every other shop is a fudge shop.



Fort Mackinac

On the island is a military fort that was involved in the War of 1812. It was captured in an embarrassing fight by the English, which was one of the first confrontations that started the War of 1812. Embarrassing?? The settlers (US) saw the English Red Coats coming and thought there were so many that they literally dropped their guns and ran. Now. they have a famous race in England that involves dropping your rifle and running as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Funny.
The fort is just beautiful and the sights from them are just unbelievable.



The Barracks






The Grand Hotel

After walking around the fort for a while, we started walking to the other side of the island to grab lunch at the grand hotel. On the way, Brent and I posed for a picture in front of the hotel that his parents were married at 29 years ago to the day!

Kind of crazy.
Now the Grand Hotel…is just that. GRAND.

You have to pay 10 dollars to get into the hotel if you aren’t staying…but you can also grab some food there and put the 10 bucks towards it, which is exactly what we did. There is no way you want to miss out on this guy.

It’s just beautiful. On the wall there, is pictures of famous people that have come and stayed at the hotel, and you can’t imagine why they would want to stay there.
The lunch is a buffet and it has a little of everything. AMAZING food.


This was plate number 1.



Dessert…I had to just have a taste of everything.
The food was amazing. Some of the best I have ever had. When we finished up eating, we started to walk around the grounds just to check out the views and work off lunch.






Crocket? Or Bocci anyone?!
The hotel had such an old school feel with the lack of cars and motorized everything. It was simple. It really felt like it just gave you a chance to enjoy life in a simple sense. No fancy phones or technology needed.
Papa C had held out for some ice cream that he spotted on the way into the hotel and popped in to grab some while we just hung out on the porch. When he came out of the parlor, he had a full half gallon of ice cream piled onto a cone.

How HUGE is that?!
After walking the grounds, we started back to town for some shopping. My mom has always love the Michigan Cherries and it didn’t take her long to find some stowed away in the stores.

Maybe some Bourbon Body Scrub??

Or perhaps some Michigan wines?? Made from Raspberries?? Or Blueberries??

My favorite….this T-Shirt. America’s High Five!

The Mackinac Arch and Mini Golf

When Papa C finished his ice cream, he was ready for the next adventure. We started the 1.25 mile trek out to the arches at Mackinac Isalnd. We really had no idea what to expect but it was definitely worth the walk.






So pretty.
On the walk back, we stumbled upon a mini golf course that my dad just couldn’t resist. Maggie and I were more in the mood to sit, enjoy the scenery and enjoy a cocktail! My dad, mom and Brent took on the mini golf course.

IMG_1848.jpg IMG_1851.JPG
After mini golf, we all headed out to the Pink Pony for some quick eats before we jumped back on the ferry back to the main land. But, we had to stop by Ryba’s and pick out some fudge to take home.



On the ferry ride back, Brent braved the cold and the splashing water just to snap a few final pictures on the way home. People were literally coming down soaked from the waves splashing on the top of the boat.




Mackinac Island was amazing. Absolutely worth the trip out there and you can bet that we will be going back. It’s just beautiful. I absolutely understand why Brent loves this place. There really isn’t anything like it. If you can believe it…the pictures don’t do it justice.
Have you ever been extremely surprised on how amazing a vacation spot is?? Where was it??

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