Lumberjack Monument, Michigan

Today we awoke a bit slower and just started the day a bit slower recovering from the long day at Mackinac Island yesterday. Brent headed out around 9 to do some fishing with his parents while Maggie and I just hung around.

My parents seemed to have done the same because we didn’t hear from them until after 12. the only thing that we had wanted to accomplish today was to relax…check…and visit Lumberjack Monument.

Again, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I was thinking hiking or something along those lines. But, wrong again.

Lumberjack monument is just that. A monument to Lumberjacks. They had a tough job and were paid 2 dollars a day. So a monument was erected to remember them.


I’m making it sound less cool than it was. The scenery was really something to check out if you are in the area.




Just to the right of this pretty outlook is a WHOLE BUNCH OF STAIRS leading to the bottom of this ravine. 272 stairs to be exact. Obviously we had to see what was awaiting us at the bottom. Going down the stairs is never the problem…and they didn’t have a problem putting up signs to warn you that you did have to make the trek back up. But, the park is kind enough to place some benches along the way for resting as needed.


Mama C was slightly worried about making the whole trip down…but ended up braving the voyage.

At the bottom was a raft, with a wooden hut and small bench. What is it?? Nothing else but a traveling cafeteria!! Obviously! The lumberjacks needed something to eat when they were working such long hours.



Put this on the list of things you didn’t know existed!

At the bottom you got a really great look at this large sand hill…that was really steep. What the lumberjacks used to do was put pickets that would hold back the logs on the slant. The logs would then build up behind them and once it was full, the pickets would be removed and all of the logs would roll down into the water below where it could be easily be transported.


Then…starts the big climb up 272 stairs.


I think the number 272 makes it seem like it’s much worse than it really is…because it wasn’t bad at all.

When Brent was younger, he had apparently been to the monument once before and climbed the big pile of logs. His mother even had the pictures to prove it…even though Brent had no recollection. So, we and to pose on the top of them again…for posterity. Made for some different pictures…


On the way out, we grabbed a few more shots. One of the pretty flowers that my mom had planted at her house and the bunny rabbits ate within a week. Another of a hat Brent found at the gift store. And the last…the first picture of my family and Brent’s family together!




The day has rounded out with a meal as Desi’s, a mexican restaurant in Oscoda, some playing with the puppies in Lake Huron, some boating, and some fishing. Really not a bad way to end the weekend.


Overall, we had a FANTASTIC weekend in Michigan and we will definitely be back. It’s such a great place to just relax, enjoy the scenery, and not get too wrapped up in everything else. Life instantly becomes more simple.

I know Brent will just be thinking about the next time that he is able to make it up here and I can’t say I won’t either.

Have you ever been to a vacation spot that you feel you have got to go back to??

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