On The Pontoon

This morning started with Brent heading to play golf with my parents and Maggie, Brent’s mom and I going to pick up the pontoon boat. We took a quick jaunt around the lake and then headed to pick up some groceries in town.

It wasn’t too long before the golfing crew had finished up and it was time for lunch. We met up with them at Wiltse’s, which is just down the road.

There aren’t too many options when it comes to eating in Oscoda, but they make it count. I enjoyed a salmon salad with a raspberry vinaigrette.
After lunch…we headed out “ON THE PONTOON.” Anyone else singing the Little Big Town lyrics in their heads??
The water was really breezy, which made the 95 degree weather a bit more bearable. We also didn’t miss out on the opportunity to sip on some cold beverages.
There are worse things in life. When the drinks ran dry we headed back in to hang out around the house for a bit and relax some more. Bacon and Oreo worked on their dock jumping some more, while the rest of us tried to stay cool. The heat finally hit us and Dairy Queen was a calling.
Bacon was a little tied up with dock jumping so Oreo just came along for the ride.
The ice cream didn’t even stay cold long enough to cool you down. It was more like fishing your cookie dough out of a soupy ice cream. Not really what we were going for.
Brent stuck with his usual soft serve twist in a cone, and because just the last bit of the cone is my favorite part….I could just eat a whole line up of the last bite of a cone…he usually saves it for me 🙂
I have say…it makes me feel like a five year old that won the lottery every time.
For dinner, it was a joint effort in making a large hamburger and hot dog spread…cooked on the first grill that maggie and I assembled. Surprisingly, no explosions!
I opted for an open faced Boca burger loaded with veggies. There’s nothing like a big heap of veggies to round out the day.
We just finished out the day with an attempt at fishing. As soon as we got out on the water the temperature dropped an easy 20 degrees and the wind started whipping around. The five of us sat on the boat for a total of 20 minutes before it seemed futile.
Brent’s mom did catch one little guy!!
Great success! Captain Oreo then took the initiative and steered us back into the dock while Bat Bacon gave direction.
Tomorrow is an early departure to Mackinac Island. All I have heard is great things. And great fudge!

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