Michigan Travels, Day 1

Brent, Maggie and I jumped on the road on Wednesday around 4 and started our road trip to Michigan. It was expected to take about 13 hours to get there and I have to say, in comparison to the 23 hour long trips from Florida to Mass, 13 sounds doable.

Besides, I don’t drive usually…Brent just powers through the whole thing and I just sit back and relax.

But no…Brent pulled out a co-pilot binder filled with everything neatly organized and in plastic sheet protectors. I lost it laughing.

Seriously. He had mapped out he route, planned out the rest stops that we were going to break and fill up on gas at. Researched the gas prices for the stops to make sure we got the best prices and didn’t have to stop in Canada. He had the dogs’ rabies shot records, his fishing license for Michigan and a few other docs that may come in handy. Unbelieveably prepared.
Sometimes he just amazes me with how OCD he can be…in a good way. Because after laughing at him and making fun of his little binder I admitted that a few days ago I made up a Wedding binder…I’ll share it a little later.
We drove through the Berkshires in western Mass and the Adirondack’s, which is just some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll see.




I snapped these pictures out the window with my phone and will definitely say that it doesn’t do it much justice.


We hit Canada around 11:30 and didn’t have much trouble with traffic.


The whole road trip went without a hitch. We arrived in Oscoda at 5 in the morning and just hit the beds…only slightly tired.
Day 1

When we awoke around 11 AM, we all headed out to Walmart to grab a grill and some other essentials. The lawn needed a little tending to, so we purchase a weed wacker and just went to town on everything.
I have to say…Walmart has some prime real-estate up in Oscoda. Water Front.

Not too shabby.
For lunch we stopped at Subway because we were all craving something healthy. Too much candy snacking on the ride up. I had one of their chopped salads, which was delicious and hit the spot.

The rest of the day involved putting together the grill, chopping some weeds down and relaxing by the lake. I snapped some quick photos of Oreo discovering dock jumping and just some nice scenery at the lake.



Can Bacon be a little more photogenic??


You really can’t beat the nice weather, the lake and a cold glass of wine in your hand. This vacation I can only foresee some quality relaxation and down time…exactly what we need!!
What is your ideal vacation?? Do you prefer to be active or completely relaxed??

2 thoughts on “Michigan Travels, Day 1

    1. Sizzle Food Post author

      Fun! I didn’t know you had one out there! I don’t know if we will have time this trip but this won’t be our last time to Michigan. We will make sure to swing by next time!


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