Two Left Feet

I don’t know if this is just me, but whenever I go shoe shopping and find those perfect pair that I’m really excited about. I bring those darlings to the check out counter and the clerk usually take them out of the box, checks the sizes, checks the feet and puts them back in the box to ring them up. At that moment when they are fishing through the box of shoes, I usually get slightly annoyed thinking, “What you think I stashed something in there??” or “You really think I tried them on and have two left feet??” or “I’m trying to mess with your inventory and get two different sizes out the door here?? WELL. I will no longer get annoyed at that moment.

I went shopping on one of my trips to New Orleans, and picked up a great pair of shoes on sale. I went to slip those babies on yesterday when I realized, I travelled 1200 miles with two left feet.



What…am I going to do with these…

Soooo…if anyone has two of the opposite foot in a size 8, in this shoe…I’ll trade you!!

So unfortunate.

Yesterday also started my, let’s get serious about this easting healthy for your wedding deal. I started my day off with some Raisin Spice oatmeal topped off with sliced banana.



After munching down breakfast, my day took me to the Fall River area, where FUN FACT: Emeril Lagasse is from. I stopped into a few client’s offices and swung back to my favorite bakery in the area, The New Boston Bakery.

It’s a cute little bakery that has everything from sandwiches, to soup and salad, to yummy bakery items. I picked up some treats for my next meeting and ordered one of the best salads I’ve ever had. This salad made me glad there wasn’t any bread around to ruin it.



It was so good that I didn’t even put the poppy seed dressing on it. The salad was filled with fresh mango slices, strawberries, onion, goat cheese, and pecans. I asked that it be topped with some tuna salad for some protein. Yummy.


After meeting up with a coworker, I headed home and took the rugrats out on a 2 mile run. I hadn’t run outside in a while, and with the weather begin so nice, it was time. Bacon is great for some longer runs, but I wasn’t sure about Oreo. I was wrong. She out ran me. The wind was blowing leaves down the street at us, and Oreo looked like she was playing a video game running side to side down the street pinning every leaf to the ground. HILARIOUS.

Dogs and I, were exhausted.




Have you ever done something that makes you regret getting annoyed??



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