The Boston Marathon

Yesterday, I had gotten home from work and was about to write up a post about my weekend when I a friends of mine called to tell me about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. For the rest of the afternoon and into the evening I stared in disbelief at the new reports and awful events that were unfolding.

The Boston Marathon has always been an extremely happy event on Patriot’s Day here in Boston. As with just about every other person growing up in there area, The Boston Marathon was a day that people came out to cheer on people achieving a goal that many of us couldn’t even dream of. To watch someone accomplish the 26.2 miles and just be a part of the crowd cheering them on was such a special occasion.

My family usually watching in Wellsley or met up with some other family right at the beginning of the race in Hopkinton. We would watch everyone run by with such energy as they started on the first few miles to reach their goal. Each year that I saw these people trot by, it inspired me to want to run in the race. After running a half marathon, it truly puts into perspective what 26.2 really means.

After the events yesterday, my thoughts go out to the Martin family, who’s father was running in the marathon. Shortly after congratulating the father for crossing the finish line, their 8 year old son, Richard returned to his mother and sister when the blast went off, injuring his mother and sister and killing Richard.

We are thankful for all of the people that were present and returned home safely. President Obama is correct, Boston is a resilient town and will come together to get through this.


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