A Herniated Disk and the Gun Range

This weekend Brent finally convinced me to go to a gun class. He signed the both of us up for the safety certification class on Friday, which was 4 hours long. I have to say, I wasn’t all that excited because to be honest, guns scare the crap out of me. Brent loves them. He grew up around them and he just eats up everything that has to do with it. Me, you can drop me off at a mall and I will be entertained for a while. Brent, drop him off at Bass Pro Shops and the man will send hours upon hours just walking around the place. It doesn’t really help that the Bass Pro Shop in Foxboro has a bar inside of it.

A few weeks ago, Maggie and I wanted to stop at Victoria’s Secret for their semi-annual sale and Brent was at Bass Pro Shop for almost 3 hours. The sweet guy that he is, he bought me a beer bottle coozie.


Anyways, you get the point. So, Friday night we sat through the 4 hour class and learned about guns. How they work, how to store them, how to disarm them, how to apply for one and how to shoot one. It was actually really informational and slightly eased my terrifiedness of them. After learning about them for a while and practicing with some fake ones, they brought us into the range to give some real ones a go. I took a quick picture while I was standing in the range waiting, and I felt like a complete nerd because I not only looked like one, I was caught.

Gun Range

Brent was already shooting his revolver and semi-automatic.Β They had instructors standing there with you just to make sure you weren’t going to accidentally shoot yourself or anyone else.


All good things.

You ended up shooting about 20 rounds and then went back to your seat. I didn’t do too badly. I was extremely consistent, but I kept hitting the bottom left corner of the box we were aiming at. I took a picture of the target paper but it’s on Brent’s phone. I really didn’t do too badly for the first time shooting at a target. I was really consistent, so they were thinking the sights might have been off.

The Oreo:

On Sunday morning, I woke up to Oreo jumping off my bed, which is about 2 feet high, and spinning around in pain. She was biting at her bum so I naturally thought she had to go out. I let her out and she immediately went to the bathroom then curled up in a ball under a tree. I called her back inside and she just sauntered back in and curled up in a ball with her head on my leg. She was being unbelievably clingy and if you have a dog, you know that’s the first sign that something is wrong and they don’t feel well.

I picked up her and carried her downstairs where Brent is sleeping and woke him up with a hurt Oreo. He brought her back outside because at his point she was salivating at a crazy rate. Her entire mouth was soaking wet. She immediately went over to a tree and curled up in a ball. And if you have ever watched Marley and Me, you KNOW this is never good.

We ended up calling a 24/7 emergency vet and they gave us the address to a closer one. After waiting for 45 minutes or so, the vet did a quick exam and came to the conclusion that she herniated a disk. Painful. We brought her back home under strict instructions to keep her as immobile as possible. No long walks, no stairs, no jumping, no playing. Just sleep. I thought we were going to have to put her in her crate for hours but the poor thing has no interest in anything but sleep.


The poor thing. We have her on pain medication, which seems to help a ton. I’m such a sucker though…I’ve been trying to make things as easy as possible. She doesn’t really want to eat but she has to in order to take her meds so I sat there and fed her the food one by one. I have also just pushed her food right up to her little bed and let her munch in the laziest of positions.



Yesterday she was definitely much better than Day 1. Today, I would say she is around the same as yesterday. A bit more active but still in a bunch of pain. I have heard that herniating a disk isn’t that uncommon in smaller dogs. It just usually happens when they are a bit older…not 2. It makes me nervous that she is looking forward to many more of these episodes. 😦

They all make fun of me because I’m slightly babying her…but someone’s got to do it!!

Last night I also came up with a Clockwork Ab workout to share with you. I had Maggie do it with me at the gym and she loved it. There are no crunches and it will really get you!

Are you the type that babies your sick ones or are you the “Meh, give her the meds and she’s fine!” ??

6 thoughts on “A Herniated Disk and the Gun Range

  1. epicureantease

    I’m so sorry Oreo is under the weather. Doesn’t it just break your heart to see them in pain and not themselves? We’ve had two cockers in my family. Both have had leg issues. The 1st one ended up having knee surgery. It hasn’t been that extreme for the one we have now. Usually she just tweaks her leg when she jumps or plays hard with my brothers dog so we give her something to ease the pain and make sure takes it easy until she’s doing better. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve handfed the dogs or my cats (well, when I had 2 it was plural). We do what we gotta do for our babies! πŸ™‚ Hope Oreo is back to herself soon!!!

    p.s. I LOVE going to the gun range! I grew up around guns and am pretty comfortable. Last year for my Birthday I spent the day at the range with my dad. It was a great day! A trip to the range is a good stress reliever too! πŸ™‚

    1. Sizzle Food Post author

      It kills me to see Oreo hurt. She is absolutely feeling a bit better now and it’s just a struggle to make sure she isn’t trying to jump or run up and down the stairs. I had no idea this was a cocker spaniel issue but it definitely makes me feel better that you’ve had a similar experience and it worked out well. I will be keeping some of these pain meds on hand just in case anything ever happens in the future (which I have a feeling it will).

      After leaving the gun range I was more comfortable and could see myself really getting into going to the range. I will never go out and go hunting…that I just couldn’t do. But you can bet that I’ll be going back again! I have to say that it terrifies me how easy it is to get a license to carry in Mass. Once you pass the safety course…you can apply for an LTC. I definitely do not feel comfortable handling guns after just 4 hours and shooting 20 rounds! Terrifying!

      1. epicureantease

        So happy to hear Oreo is on the mend!! Yay!!

        I think most fears that revolve around guns is not being familiar or educated on them. Although I’m comfortable around them, being my dad is a retired deputy sheriff, my brother is a deputy sheriff and both were in the military, I still don’t feel confident enough to have one of my own. My dad is a good teacher, he used to be a range master, so I feel very comfortable handling them around him as he’s very safe and knowledgeable. But I don’t see myself taking that leap to apply for a license. But I’ll go to the range any opportunity I can get! πŸ™‚ Mass doesn’t have a background check process in place for obtaining a LTC?

      2. Sizzle Food Post author

        They do have a background check…but as far as training on the gun…that was all you had to complete. Just get the certificate that I did and you are good. I feel like there should be hours or something like when you learn to drive a car just to make sure you actually know how to do it all. I was looking at the towns and such that typically give out the unrestricted LTC and there are a ton! I don’t think I realized how many hunters there are up here!I completely agree that fear is just not being educated on them. Just the one class made me a lot more comfortable and now I dont see a gun and have a mini heart attack πŸ™‚

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