Catching up with things

I haven’t really been keeping up with posting lately, simply because there has just been a lot of new and exciting things going on and I haven’t really been able to get into any sort of grove when it comes to a schedule. It’s been only slightly nuts. I am planning on getting back into my regular posting…starting…now. 🙂

Since New Years, I have said good bye to my old co-workers and started training for my new job. I am really, really, really excited for it but so far I have been sitting at home for the most part studying like no other. And when I get bored of that…I head to Starbucks, grab a tea and study some more.



As of right now…the studying is paying off because I just finished up my second exam and got a 100 percent! I had the loudest sigh of relief post exam today because there was one question I couldn’t really decide between two answers.

Brent has started his first day of work…and I snapped photos. Bahaha



So Handsome.

And I have officially started…seriously…working out again. I did take a little break over the holidays simply because I didn’t really have the time. Now, I am back to my regular workouts…and I have made sure that they are unrelenting.

Yesterday, I went for a slow jog around my gym, which ended up being the first run outside since coming up to Boston. I had been putting it off because for the first two weeks a haunting cold and the freezing cold outside were providing some solid excuses for myself. Once the head cold passed, some delightful 50 degree weather made it’s way in. It was almost a sign…Anyways..the run felt great.



After the run, I went inside to complete Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp. I have to tell you…the girl knows how to put a circuit together.

The first exercise in the circuit was A Push Press on a Bosu Ball. She is absolutely fantastic because in each of her workouts, she includes links to videos on how to do the exercise. I watched this video on how to do the exercise and didn’t really think too much of it. Cool, stand on a Bosu ball, squat, stand up and do a shoulder press. Can’t be too hard.

Okay. Wrong. I put the Bosu ball on the ground, stepped in the middle with my two weights in hand, and could NOT get my balance enough to get my second foot on and move my feet to the outside. The lady in that video makes it look so much easier than it is!

I stumbled a few times. Slid off it a few more times. Tripped myself with the Bosu ball. Stopped and stared at it for a while. Fell off a few MORE times. Looked around and noticed all the people laughing and probably thinking…what the hell is she trying to do?! Then gave in and moved the ball against the mirror and used the wall to keep my balance while getting onto it.

The first set I went to do, my legs were shaking so bad that the ball was violently rocking back and forth. I started laughing at myself because I really looked crazy at this point. Not only did I have so much trouble getting on the thing, but I also couldn’t keep the thing still!

My second set, and third one I looked a little more coordinated and the ball didn’t shake violently at every squat. I’m thinking my muscles didn’t get the break between the run and the squats that they probably wanted. One day though…I will look like this lady atop a Bosu ball.

She looks so calm!!!

Whelp, I’ve got another Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp for myself today, and some yummy granola to share with you as well. Even though posts have been MIA, I have been writing them up in my head so I’ve got bunches to share!!

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