Fantastically Fun Christmas!!

This Christmas has been a bit of a crazy one for a whole bunch of reasons.

Reason Number 1:

We moved to Boston!! I don’t know if anyone caught on but the, reorganizing and slimming down of everything was because everything needed to fit into Brent’s truck, my car and our little 6 by 12 trailer. Seeing that I had a house and Brent had his apartment, it was near impossible that everything was going to fit. Not to mention, Bacon, Oreo and Hunter had to fit into there as well. WOOF. After selling a whole bunch of furniture, throwing out an absurd amount of just stuff, and baking my face off for 3 weeks, we managed to fit everything….barely. Even the Hunter:


As soon as we arrived, we slept like no other, and then jumped back in the car for Christmas Eve in New Jersey. Stayed there for the day…and drove right back to Mass. It wasn’t too much driving…just 20 hours from Orlando to Boston and 3 and half hours to NJ and back…casual.

Christmas Day started off pretty typical for the clan. There is 7 of us…and with Brent..8. So there’s never a shortage of excitement.


It was particularly fun because it was the first Christmas morning that someone outside of our immediate family joined us. We all sipped on our coffees, and started ripping into presents. The gift wrapping award went to Maggie, with her gift for Papa C:


I bet you have NO IDEA what that is…

Oreo was curled up in a little ball under my chair just taking it all in…she’s not really used to so many people all the time.


After gifts were opened and we were all ready for some Christmas morning Egg Nog Waffles…Brent had mentioned that we may have forgotten a gift in the car from our long trip. I disagreed. Brent said, “Nope, I think we did.” I disagreed again. And finally Brent just said…”JUST GO OUTSIDE”

Which brings me to…

Reason Number 2:

We are Engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I went outside, Brent had written in the snow on our cars, “WILL YOU MARRY ME??”


I think I may have repeated something like, “Stop it, this isn’t real” over and over again. And then said yes. 🙂


Christmas then included…champagne,


Me slipping the ring into as many photos as possible:



Yes…this picture makes me wish I had gotten that manicure I’ve been wanting for the past few weeks.

And of course…Egg Nog Waffles:


It was succcccch a fun Christmas and I don’t think I will ever forget it. After all, we’ve got a wedding to plan!!

Since Christmas, it’s been phone calls with my friends and family, unpacking my life from Florida and starting to plan the wedding! It’s definitely not going to get boring anytime soon!!

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