The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, Part 2

Tonight I got home a bit later than normal and was on the phone from the moment I walked in….until…now. While I was on the phone with my sister, my mom, and some friends from home (separate conversations) I managed to take the dogs out, cook dinner, eat dinner, watch some funny videos online, take pictures of my cookies and check my email. Overall…extremely productive.

For dinner, I went unbelievably simply because I’m trying get rid of those non-perishable items in my cabinets and ate solo, while chatting on the phone 🙂 So, pasta, with a red sauce and some fresh parmesan cheese it is.



Womp, womp, waaaaah. Boring. But yummy and easy to munch while chatting away!

In other exciting news…I received the last of my cookie swap cookie shipments tonight! So I wanted to share them all with you. But, just as a tease…because the recipes for them are going to be posted on Wednesday this week. Until then…you will have to salivate…while EAT THEM ALL!

The first one I got was from Hannah, at Fleur-De-Licious. This is a cute little blog about Hannah and her best friend Kate and all of their baking recipes. I have to say…if they are all like these cookies…they’ve got some good things going on. Hannah made these Pistachio-Cranberry Mexican Wedding Cakes that were so good.



They honestly scream Christmas to me. They weren’t nearly as sweet as I originally thought they would be and the combination of the cranberry and pistachio was fantastic. I would absolutely make these for a holiday get together. So if you are looking for some great cookie recipes, check this blog out. They know how to mix some good cookies.


The second dozen of cookies came from Leila and Nina out in NYC at Cenabimus. They made these Earl-Grey Infused Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies.



These cookies, I would say were the most surprising of the flavors. The Earl Grey flavor really comes out in them. The chocolate chips bring the sweetness to the cookie but the earl grey flavor takes it home. I can’t wait to figure out how they got the flavor of the tea in there, but dang, it was good. For something a bit more unexpected, these are the cookies to try.


Lastly, but not least! I received the last dozen of cookies in the mail today from Rachel at La Peche Fraiche. (There are accents in there but I have NO idea how to type those in there) The award for best looking cookie goes to her BY FAR.


Check out the detail on the snowmen. If I had tried to put that carrot nose on there…it probably would have looked like a traffic cone stuck to the snow mans face. He broke off in transport…but I was shocked with the detail.


These cookies are butter cookies. Really simple, but yummy. I just loved the decoration that she put on these and the amount of time that it must taken to decorate each one just boggles my mind. On Rachel’s blog, you find the same attention to everything that she bakes. Everything on these just makes my mouth water. So be sure to check hers out too!


Mouth watering yet??

On Wednesday, I will share the links to these cookie recipes and hopefully by Friday, I will have the link to share EVERY COOKIE SWAP RECIPE. Just to give you an idea, this is the round up from 2011. I have never seen so many cookie recipes in one spot in my life. If you are looking for something to give a go…that is your website.


What is your favorite cookie for the holiday season??



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