Filing Cabinet to 5 Binders

This morning I grabbed a quick breakfast of a Blueberry Cake Protein Smoothie. I wasn’t really prepared to make anything too crazy and these smoothies are easy to whip up.


My project last night was to clean out this ugly filing cabinet that’s sitting in my office and make all of it’s contents take up just a little bit less room. I hate this thing, and really don’t want it. It’s not pretty to look at and it really takes up too much room. Especially since it’s just a bunch of papers.


So I took 7 binders and divided up the papers that were hanging out in the filing cabinet. Inside each binder, are the little plastic sleeves so you don’t have to punch a hole through every piece of paper. To make them look pretty, I took card paper from Michael’s and cut it into strips and put them in the side of the binders. Then, with letter stickers, which were 5 dollars for 6 sheets, I labeled each of them.


I figured it was a cheap way to make the binders look like they all went together, while keeping it neat. You can also match them to whatever colors are in your own room.

For my labels, I chose:

  • Important: Contracts, leases, agreements, phone numbers, addresses and things that you need on a quick notice. 
  • NDS: Work Papers
  • Work: More Work Papers
  • Pets: Bacon and Oreo Papers
  • Sizzle: Blog Papers
  • Bills…you guessed it…Bills
  • Manuels: All the manuels and receipts from my larger purchases that you need but can never find when you do. It makes it easy to throw them out when you are done with that little gadget too.

I was actually really happy with the way this turned out. It reduced that massive filing cabinet to these few binders. I ended up throwing out a lot of papers that were just out dated, and scanned in several to my computer. For example, when Bills starts to fill up, I will scan it into the computer and throw out the original. I have needed to prove that I paid bills in the past and wouldn’t want to get caught in that situation again.

The re-organization was a GREAT success. The binders I found for 2 dollars each at Office Depot. The card paper was 89 cents and the stickers were 5 bucks. Overall, just over 20 dollars. Not too bad 🙂


My little project for the evening.

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