The Begging Eyes of Oreo

Yesterday was actually National Cookie Day, and well…I made cookies! I didn’t actually make them specifically for the little celebration in my kitchen, but really for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. You get 3 different names of food bloggers and make them each a dozen cookies. In return, you are sent cookies from another food blogger! FUN!

I made some Whole Wheat, Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies. They turned out soo well.



I packed them with chocolate chips and cranberries. I ended up with 4 dozen cookies, which is exactly what I was aiming for, because 1 dozen…is for ME! I’ll post the recipe to this in about a week when the Food Blogger exchange is done with.

While I was baking them, Bacon and Oreo were going NUTS. Bacon is actually high enough that it’s easy for him to prop his paws up and grab a cookie. He got one, and the second time I caught him the cookie just plopped on the ground. That one didn’t make it into the pile. Just check out this little montage of Oreo’s beggin faces. She ran through these like they were planned.

Here’s the “I’m so adorable and pretty you can’t help but give me a cookie.”


Now, a frustrated little cry because her puppy eyes weren’t working.


The licking of the chops just to get the point across that something should be heading into her mouth…incase I hadn’t caught onto it yet.


And now…for the finale. The ultimate…big puppy dog eyes that make you feel like you are a bad puppy mom. Beware…this will jerk the heart strings.



The girl has some moves…you have to give it to her. These all happened within a 30 second interval. I also snapped a few of Bacon just to get his begging face…but they all looked exactly like this:



He doesn’t stoop to Oreo’s level. He just waits until I walk out of the room and tries to snag one.



Breakfast this morning was one of my staples. Eggs on Toast. But to dress it up a bit without adding any extra time, I added some Earth Balance butter and some Black Raspberry Jam to the toast. It gives a similar flavor to Brie and jam.



It turned out really well. I was thinking that you could easily put some ground pepper on this to play off the sweetness of the jam to add another dimension to it.


Do you have any tricks to dress up a simple dish??



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