Post Thanksgiving Activities

This weekend has been absolutely nuts. For Thanksgiving, Brent and I headed to Naples to visit with his family. It was much more low key than I am used to with my large family, but it was still really nice to celebrate with them.

Brent’s father made us some waffles in the morning that were UNBELIEVABLE. He makes them different just about every time he mixes up a batch and Thanksgiving morning was no different. Each waffle has it’s own unique flavor. My waffle was eggnog flavored. Oh YEA.


Delish. Some of the other options, Kaluha, Baileys, some Caramel coffee liquor, a Rum Waffle and I want to say there was another one. I have to say…they were amazing. It’s a little holiday twist on the traditional waffle. 🙂


After breakfast, Brent and I went out for a 6 mile holiday run. I really just needed to make sure that there was room for the massive Turkey dinner that Brent’s mom was cooking. There were a total of 5 people eating, and she made a 24 pound turkey! Talk about leftovers. Everything was delish!

Here’s the whole crew!


There were a FEW photos taken to get this to happen.

Bacon and Oreo were dead when we finally got on the road. I don’t think they had fully recovered from their stay at Happy Paws. I’m not going to lie either, I passed out. Slept the whole way home. 3 and a half hours. Sorry Brent!


Black Friday, I took it easy and did a bit of shopping from home. A lot of the time you can get the same deals online and avoid the hassle of going to the stores and standing in lines. Eventually, I headed out around dinner time thinking the crowds would be a bit slower. I picked up some outfits for our Christmas card…yup. Happening. Brent laughed when I showed him what I found.

Finding something for Bacon was actually really hard…apparently people with large dogs don’t like dressing them up as much as people with little dogs. Weird.

I think from all of the traveling that’s been going on, I’ve been starting to catch a bit of a cold. So for my past two lunches, I’ve slurped on some Chicken Noodle Soup and some French Bread.


Soup and bread to dip into it just may be one of my favorite meals. It’s so simple but it’s fun to eat, healthy and just warms you up from the inside.

I’ve got a couple of things that are on the menu for this week that I’m excited to whip up. One of them is the Sizzle Wars Winner!


Are you brave enough to shop on Black Friday?? Or do you wimp out and online shop from home??



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